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Fresca Food Truck

A mobile farmer's market and catering service that offers fresh produce and healthy remixes of traditional Latino cuisines.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

My target audience will be Latino families living in underresourced communities. On any given day of the week, you can find the Fresca Food Truck parked and present at community events (fairs, festival, parades), outside select elementary schools, churches and community centers. The Fresca Food Truck (FFT) will provide exposure and access to not only fresh produce, but also healthy remixes or alternatives of traditional Latino cuisines.

I envision the Fresca Food Truck (FFT) to either serve as:

  • A walk in, mobile farmers market similar to mobile libraries where customers can peruse a selection of fresh produce that's in season and harvested by local farmers
  • Or a mobile farmers market that sells the local produce outside of the truck and sells healthy remixes or versions of Latino cuisines and beverages for customers to sample and buy

In either case, the Fresca Food Truck will be bringing fresh food and delicious cuisine alternatives to under-resourced, heavily Latino populated communities. 

There are many opportunities and fun ways to promote the Fresca Food Truck:

  • Offer meal coupons to families so they can try the food without spending money
  • Accept EBT/WIC so that all families regardless of income can purchase fresh produce
  • Offer mini cooking classes as well as recipe cards so that families can test out the food in the comfort of their own home
  • Cater events at school, church or in the community so that the taste can speak for itself and spread via word of mouth (literally)
  • Do a pop-up concert with a local Latin@ musician or go big with a well-known artist to spread the word and raise awareness
  • Partner with local mom & pop Latino restaurants on recipes, events or promotions so that we're giving back to the community and economy
  • Offer free workshops on the different types of vegetables and fruits that exist and that are available with an emphasis on their nutritional value and ways families can incorporate them into their every day eating habits

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

I'd appreciate guidance on:
-what it takes to start up a food truck business
-existing recipes or sites that have healthy versions of traditional Latino cuisines
-additional insight or ideas to improve the vision for the Fresca Food Truck

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Ivellisse, congrats on being featured in our Community Voices blog! Check it out here:

Photo of Ivellisse Morales

Thank you!

Photo of Eva Poggio

Hi Ivellisse, great idea. Maybe a project you could look at is "hellofresh" at
The service provides on a website healthy recipes and people can order the box of fresh ingredients along with the recipe. The challenge might be in the pricing of the service.
Another service that might be to interest to you is the Veggie Box ( that is popular in my city (I live in Germany, in Darmstadt). It is possible to order organic vegetables and fruits to be delivered home and the service is available as ongoing subscription. This way the truck delivers each week the box (and leaves it at your door so you don´t need to actually be home waiting for the truck) and makes sure people don´t ran out of fresh food. Again, the network of farmers is crucial to make sure the service is affordable.

Photo of Ivellisse Morales

Eva - thank you for sharing these two awesome services. I wonder if there is a way to build from what they're doing or even partner with them. I think the biggest hurdle for the Fresca Food Truck is to encourage Latinos to cook healthier dishes. Hellofresh is a step in that direction. What if Fresca Food Truck delivered boxes of organic vegetables and fruit with accompanying delicious recipes of Latino cuisines?

Photo of Shane Zhao

Nice one Ivellisse! Have you identified a specific community/ region where Fesca Food Truck can be launched? It might be helpful to speak with some potential customers in the local community to get a better sense of what type of services they'd like to see in the Truck. Also, it'd be great if you can share with us a bit more about how technology can play a major role in this idea.

Your idea also reminded of the Fresh Truck project - where a retrofitted school bus is serving as a mobile fresh food market to support healthier food access for 10 communities across Boston:

Photo of Ivellisse Morales

Shane - that's a great idea! Specific communities and regions that come to mind are food deserts in San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA that have high Latino populations per my experience in living in both cities. You make a great point in that I should build the food truck with customers in mind. A design thinking sprint with a few community members present sounds like a fun idea to get them involved and to build a service that makes sense for their needs and lifestyles.

Thank you for sharing Fresh Truck - I didn't even know this existed and it serves the Boston community just like I had imagined doing. I'm going to do more research to see how they operate and perhaps reach out for more information.

Photo of Gavin Cosgrave

Great thinking! I love that this food truck actually provides healthier Latino food, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Maybe there could be a traditional farmers market section, then also a "healthier Latino dish remix" section where you let customers taste, purchase and (perhaps most importantly) learn how to make healthier remixes of traditional dishes. You could incorporate the cooking classes and recipe cards in here.

It might be difficult for the truck to keep the prices low enough, while paying for the employees' time and gas. What do you think about this?
Keep moving forward, great job!

Photo of Ivellisse Morales

Thanks for your support, Gavin! I agree that cooking classes and recipe cards are super important to include since there's a level of education in leading a healthier life through changes to diet and cultural cuisine. You also raise a good point about operating costs. That's an area I would need to explore and would need support from someone who has experience in upstarting and running a food truck.

Photo of Logan Powell

Love this. Looks like you might have another latent team mate: