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The Locker Room (Updated 8/17/2015 - wire frames)

A fitness app that encourages users to follow along with their favorite *superstars' exercise routines.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

This app targets anyone and everyone seeking sustainable motivation to exercise more. The Locker Room provides users with an exciting opportunity to get fit, engage with others and potentially meet celebrities and famous athletes who know how to work hard to lead healthy lives... Here's how...

Updated Idea Post Incorporating Community Feedback (8/17/2015)

The Locker Room is a fantasy fitness app using coaching, competition and community to encourage people to look to the healthy lifestyles of their favorite athletes and celebrities.

Users sign up (creating a profile consisting of their AGE, SEX, FITNESS LEVEL, LOCATION) and select "icons" from a list of a few athletes and celebrities they feel inspired by. 

Users are then "drafted" to a Team Leader (assigned to a superstar aka "Icon") for a series of 10 weekly competitions. Each week, Teams face off with each other to accomplish the routine set forth by their "Icon". This routine is not the same as the Icon's daily routine- but rather a suggested circuit that can be adjusted to the fitness level of the participant.

While each user is completing their circuit- they log their progress into their profile- sending "snap-chat" like updates to a news-feed that both opposing teams can see. Meanwhile - each team leader or Icon sends motivating snaps to the feed to inspire teams to complete their weekly circuit, and to model proper techniques for the recommended exercises as well.

At the end of the week - teams are given a score based on their performance (taking into consideration how much of the routine was completed, how well each member managed their time, and also for how well each team inspired each other and completed their logs.

At the end of the 10 week schedule, the team with the best score wins a prize (gift card to health food store, a jersey from their favorite athlete, tickets to an upcoming movie their favorite celebrity is in, etc.)

+ The (one) top performer from ALL of the Icon's teams (remember their are multiple "squads" due to various fitness levels, locations, etc.) will have an opportunity to meet that Icon and workout with them, cool down and eat a meal (all of which is documented via video and broadcast to the Locker Room community).


Original Idea Post (6/11/2015)

I used to have a poster of Lebron James’ Workout Plan from Men’s Health Magazine hanging on my wall.  I wanted to train like the beast , excuse me- the best. 

Imagine a smart phone fitness app designed to encourage users to follow along with their favorite athlete’s routine. 

Weekly, user’s join a team of loyal fanatics based on geo-tags, and competitions are set up on a “fantasy” schedule basis.

You pick an athlete each week you are entering the competition. 5 loyal fans of a specific player in a similar location are provided with a detailed schedule of that athlete’s workout & recovery routine and their suggested nutritional intake.

Throughout the week, the athlete will “check-in” with each team member (via notifications through the app in cartoon form, or based on videos produced by the company developing the app). These messages will encourage the user and communicate what they must accomplish that day in order to stay on pace.

Expectations are tailored to each user's current fitness level, goals, BMI, etc. We want people to use the app at their own pace and adjust their personal settings and expectations as they see fit

Users send “snap-chat” like messages to their team displaying their progress, motivating each other. Weekly progress and accomplishments are proven by data from the smart-fitness technology.

At the end of the week, the team who kept up with their athlete’s routine most closely wins achievements like reduced admission to a sporting event, coupons to sporting good and/or health stores, etc.

Each player builds a “fitness quotient” much like the OpenIDEO model.

At the end of a 10 Week season, the user with the highest “fitness quotient” meets their favorite athlete and is given behind the scenes access to their Locker Room.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We’ll start a Twitter-survey-blitz to gauge potential users’ interest in mimicking their favorite athlete’s regiments, and the potential power of connecting communities around idolizing specific athletes. We might ask: “Who is your favorite athlete? Answer with their name, followed by “healthTRIBE” ex/ #lebronjameshealthTRIBE #abbywambachhealthTRIBE “Would you join a team of your favorite athlete’s fans, and compete against rival fans for a chance to meet your favorite athlete?”

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

- OpenIDEO Admin can tweet the survey’s questions and facilitate the blitz. - Connections /communication with professional athletes about their routines. Perhaps encouraging them to include videos or photos of the athletes giving live health tips, and cheering on their teams. - Web designers for creating strong key visuals of healthy lives routines and scheduling for the mobile application and website - partnerships with FitBit, Nike, Apple or a company with smart-fitness technology.

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Reminds me a little bit of micoach ( & particularly the spin-off "Smart Ball" which allows you to "perfect your technique like a pro". Have you given any thought to connecting your with other hardware such as a ball? Might allow for you to perfect your technique to match your favourite freekick taker or thrower for example?

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