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Personalised healthy shopping list, with discounts earned by your families activity.

Pick your favourite low cost healthy recipes, add the number of people and subtract your activity discount for affordable healthy meals.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

The target audience is anyone who would like to receive discounted everyday products, but the greatest rewards could be made by families led by Mothers. This initiative requires a supermarket retail partner. The consumer is rewarded for being active and sharing their data. The simple user experience, tailored for each individual will take the planning out of the shopping experience and make eating healthily the easiest, affordable option.

If you look at the illustration and start at the bottom left.

The consumer experience

You will need a simple activity tracker and a smart phone or loyalty card.

(I have drawn smart phones because Pew Research Centre 2013 reported that Smart phone ownership amongst Americans was 49% in the latino community, 46% in the white community and 50% in the black community and I imagine the percentages are higher now.) 

By achieving a base level of activity each day you unlock the discount service at your local supermarket.

You can boost your discount by providing product reviews, customer service ratings, filling out surveys as well as by sharing your actual retail habits which will all be accrued in your easy to use account held on a smartphone or loyalty card.

Each week you'll receive a list of low cost, healthy recipes for family meals.  Simply choose which you'd like, the number of people you'll be cooking for and you'll get a personalised shopping list featuring the discounted figure you've 'earned off' your bill for those meals. 

The Media Companies  

the consumer ‘Your Account' will be hosted by a media platform who work with the supermarket to create great, affordable healthy recipes. 

The simple user experience, tailored for each individual will take a lot of planning out of the shopping experience and make eating healthily the simplest, cheapest option. 

Each account could show:

- Activity levels of each individual / family 

- Your recipes

- Your savings

With the opportunity to develop: 

- recipe videos and celebrity/personality endoresement

- exercise videos

- blogs (perhaps featuring older members of the community and young health pioneers)

- feature community events 

- better informed targeted advertising 

The retail Partner / Supermarket

Your marketing department will be able to receive regular, relevant feedback from consumers in real words about products and services. Gathering insights about both intended behaviour, and actual shopping behaviour in return for genuine discounts that are easy to understand and available when they want them.  

By sharing information with the media partners you'll be able to promote food that is in season/ has a short shelf life / is locally produced and be able to improve the management of your stock via feedback.  

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Speak to a local grocery store and find out what kind of shopper information they would find valuable. Create a few attractive, healthy, low cost recipes including products within their stock. Approach shoppers asking them the retailers questions and in return hand out recipe shopping lists that include the discount. Check with the retailer how many were redeemed after the trial.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

I'd like to get an understanding about what Telemundo, NBC Universo and NBC Universal would like to get out of the project and work with someone who could help apply design thinking to progressing the idea.

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Photo of Lily Frencham

Just to add to John's (b) comment below, I also think it would be great to include a "why" it's healthy as an added educational element - people can slowly but surely learn about what makes something healthy or balanced etc, so they can take these lessons outside the app also!

Great idea - loved it!

Photo of John Moon

Hi Laura,
I think your idea is very fresh and innovative. Incentivizing healthier lifestyles through technology, while done in the past, has not had the perspective and scope of engagement that you bring to the table with your idea.

(1) To build, I was wondering if you had explored ideas of creating an in-app section to explore Pinterest recipes. And to build off of Delanie's idea of creating a leaderboard- you could create different options to view public/private, Pinterest-liked&shared (from the healthy recipes section or Non-Pinterest recipes to maneuver for the best recipes tailored to the individuals need. If not, Pinterest, then perhaps another site similar to it. I believe tapping into an existing recipe database would allow your app to gain wide-spread interest more quickly.

Of course, there would have to be added incentive for Pinterest as well. I think if your app could create a widget similar to the Facebook "like" button or the Pinterest "pin" button, it could endorse healthy Pinterest recipes as used and "liked" by your app users. And then, this widget would appear on the Pinterest site with a certain number of endorsements, giving further attention to a recipe there. The mutually beneficial relationship would be an expansion of both app's user base, exposure on the web, as well as interaction across social media. One potential minor set-back I could see in joining forces with Pinterest or Pinterest-like app/site is that your app would first have to generate a large enough user base before it becomes mutually beneficial to endorse the other's social media platforms. But as I see your app, I think developing a user base wouldn't take a very long time. Sooner or later, you'd grab enough users, and, at that point, expansion of social media platforms may not even be an attractive idea. Food for thought though ;)

(2) Also, for the 10 recipes that would be introduced each week. I think my first thought would be: what makes these recipe so healthy? Aside from having a lot of greens or vegetables in the visually aesthetic pictures of the recipes, I think having a nutritionist verified recipe or professional health grading would improve the validity/authenticity of a "healthy" foods recipe. Of course, this then brings the matter getting nutritionists involved. While I have some idea of how that could work, I'll save that for if you're interested in hearing it out.

I think in my excitement for this idea, I may have not been entirely cohesive in my thought processes, but I hope the general idea comes across. It'd be great to see where this app goes and please feel free to message me if there are any points of confusion

[Edit: Additional thought]
Having a culturally diverse recipe list every week. Perhaps also tailored to different types of dietary health restrictions (for those diabetic, glutten intolerant, lactose intolerant). Of course this makes things more complicated, but seems worthwhile.

John M.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Congratulations on making it to the Refinement Phase of the Healthy Lives Challenge Laura! We thought this idea has the potential to spark community based change on a local level. We also liked how your idea will leverage the use of consumer data to help users make smarter and healthier purchasing decisions.

In the Refinement Phase, we’d love for you to incorporate some of the feedback from the OpenIDEO community as you continue to develop this idea. For example, it’d be interesting to consider how social incentives can be created amongst participants of a local community. Perhaps a leaderboard of healthy achievements might be a great way to motivate the active participation of users. The lightweight experiment you’ve proposed to test out healthy shopping lists with local grocery stores and customers also sounds very exciting. We’re looking forward to hearing some of the feedback that you might gather from potential users in your local community. In going forward, we’d love for you to develop some user journeys and scenarios to help us understand how this idea can play out in real life. Perhaps you might consider creating an Experience Map to describe some of the proposed activities you've outlined. A template of the Experience Map can be downloaded here:

We also think your idea could work well in tandem with these two ideas: Health Profile Reporting - and Miles for Meals - Given collaboration is the name of the game here at OpenIDEO, we hope you might reach out and collaborate to grow each other's concepts!

Photo of Logan Powell

Hi Laura and team,

We're team "El Loser Local" and we love this idea! We see a lot of overlap with our idea:

Might you be interested in exploring this overlap together? For example, how might we accomplish the same goals, but with 'cheaper' data (e.g., from grocery cards)... Also, as food for thought, we're considering partnering up with team Zocalo and the recipe sharing aspect could come from that!

Photo of Joanna Spoth

Hi Laura! Great to see you in the challenge. I love the media tie-in in your idea and am curious if you've pursued any of the lightweight experiments you were thinking of running. It would be super valuable to get some feedback from grocery stores & those who will be shopping for the healthy recipes. Looking forward to updates!

Photo of Laura Boardman

Hi Joanna, thanks very much. I have had a conversation with someone who is involved in the loyalty card section of one of the large UK supermarkets who informed me of the type of information they find valuable which was interesting. This is my first contribution to OpenIDEO so I'm familiarising myself with the process, I'll happily speak to a retailer if the feedback stage is encouraging to develop the solution.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Laura, congrats on being mentioned in our community highlights blog! Check it out in the latest issue of ReFresh here:

Photo of Laura Boardman

Thanks Open IDEO!

Photo of Ana Pena

I really love the financial and media incentives here. I think that adoption is the key part of making any of the technologies or werables work! I think combining this with other ideas about healthy substitutes for traditional meals would bring a super relevant cultural product to life.

Photo of Laura Boardman

Thanks Ana for your note. I think the financial reward is crucial to inspire people into action to be healthy and I believe the media channel is the social element that will maintain a long term change.

Photo of David Min

I think engaging with supermarket/retail partners is a great idea - They are a source to start with for leading a healthy lifestyle, and when we encourage healthy living at the source, it could really have big impact down the line!

Photo of Laura Boardman

Thanks David, I hope so too. I think supermarkets want to develop stronger relationships with shoppers as particularly in the UK since the recession our shopping behaviour has changed and people are less brand loyal.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi Laura, we're excited to see that your idea has sparked some interesting community comments. As conversations progress here, you might consider adding contributors to your OpenIDEO Team. Read more: Looking forward to seeing this idea will grow...

Photo of Delanie Ricketts

Hi Laura,

I really like your approach of incentivizing healthy eating via coupons for healthy foods! I also like the idea of providing information about nutrition and exercise through videos and blogs, especially if they are endorsed by celebrities or experts users recognize and respect.

Maybe something like a leaderboard showing users with the most money saved, or most active points, or some other achievement could add another social incentive. The leaderboards could be public or private (amongst family members or select friends, for example). The ability to create your own recipes or share recipes could also be an added social element.

In any case I think the underlying monetary incentive is very compelling--thanks for sharing!


Photo of Shane Zhao

Great feedback Delanie! I like the thought of introducing a social element to make this idea more networked with the local community. It certainly would enhance the adoption of this initiative on a wider scale.

Laura, lovely description of the idea and great use of visuals to bring this to life! Here's a like-minded idea that you might like to build on or collaborate with:

Also, as you continue to develop this idea it'll be great to create some user scenarios of the proposed activities you've outlined. Check out this example: where a few simple scenarios were created to explain the goodness of the idea in a human-centered way.

Photo of OpenIDEO

Congrats on being today's Featured Contribution!

Photo of Laura Boardman

Thanks guys!