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#HealthyYouTV and #SaludableTuTV: An innovative new online show that crowdsources content from viewers

A new show that directly sources health content from the followers & viewers.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

The target audience are the existing viewers and followers of NBC Universal and Telemundo and the visitors to their existing web/mobile content, especially moms since they primarily make the purchasing decisions and Latinos aged 20-45 who are active on social media. #HealthyYouTV will inspire them to lead healthier lives because they will learn from real-life peer role models and feel supported as they try healthier habits. The show will highlight viewers who watch & then make changes!

People love to share health content online. They create YouTube videos, Instagram photos and videos, pin images on Pinterest, and share Tweets and photos on Twitter. They follow each other and can be motivated by health-conscious online peers. However, when paired with the power and reach of NBCUniversal and Telemundo, we can spread this content to a wider audience and ignite a movement. The idea is simple. We create an online show disributed through multiple forms of media focused on sharing online health content that is user-created. The show's staff curates great content and invites people to use show-specific hashtags (#HealthyYouTV and #SaludableTuTV) to share their content directly with them. People can also indicate what they'd like to see by liking posts that are on the hashtags.

Meet our users:

Carlos is a millenial who needs to lose weight but feels like it is not possible. He belongs to Planet Fitness but does not go work out. He follows some trainers on Instagram and one of the trainers posts that his workout was featured on #HealthyYouTV. Carlos goes to YouTube to watch the show and starts to follow the show's hashtags and content. He loves the fact that he sees regular people like him working out, making lifestyle changes, and reaching their goals. Watching #HealthyYouTV gives him the motivation he needs to go to Planet Fitness and document his progress, using the hashtag every time he posts a photo from the gym. He also brings a guest every time he goes to the gym, helping his family and friends work out too.

Julissa is a mother of 2 and she loves Twitter and Pinterest. She looks for recipes online and avidly follows the food photos on various platforms. She watches #HealthyYouTV on NBCU's website to see how people are turning traditional foods into healthier recipes. When she likes a recipe that is featured, she clicks within the related content to find a link to the recipe and to cook it for her family. Her kids start to try new fruits and vegetables as a result of her delicious recipes.

Rafael is in his 40s and watches his favorite Telemundo telenovelas on a regular basis with his wife. When a #SaludableTuTV promotion comes on, he likes the cooking segment and wants to see what food is being featured. Rafael and his wife go on Facebook to watch the show and to find out more. Their favorite presenter is hosting the show. They like the healthy food photos featured and see a fun clip of a Zumba class. Rafael and his wife have heard from their doctors that they need to work out but they have always thought working out was boring. After watching #HealthyYouTV, they realize that Zumba combines dancing (which they love!) with fitness and decide to find a Zumba class to try it out.

Meet our content creators:

Chef Roberto has a Puerto Rican restaurant in New York City. He creates healthy lunch specials using Caribbean food staples. He posts photos of his daily lunch special on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lola is a fitness trainer living in Houston. She leads a boot camp workout in a local park every Monday morning. She shares video clips of her workout class, as well as before and after photos of weight loss, and group photos. She posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Pablo is a bank manager who goes to the gym 4 times a week and posts workout videos set to music on YouTube and Instagram. He shares the exercises he is doing and lets his followers know if it's leg day or arm day. 

Manuel watched #HealthyYouTV and got inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He started documenting his weight loss journey with the hashtag. He posts before and after photos as well as motivational tweets and vlogs.

Cecilia is a Peruvian momblogger who loves food. She has a YouTube video channel that show her cooking a healthy Latin-inspired recipe that is family friendly. Her episodes are 4-5 minutes long and she releases them on a weekly basis.

Overview of show:

A new 15-20 minute show is released weekly with a NBC Universal/Telemundo personality as host. The host introduces segments with user-generated content. Such as the most mouth-watering healthy food photos of the week. Followed by the fitness workout challenge of the week (from YouTube or Instagram video). Screengrabs of tweets can also be shared, The user's name would be credited and only public content would be used. Content can also be followed up by interviews with the content creater. For example, if #HealthyYouTV features a fitness workout by @Massy.Arias (Instagram), then the host can conduct a short follow-up interview with her so that viewers can learn more. The content can be customized to fit the platform, with the show being aired in its entirety or in clips on Facebook and YouTube, as well as the NBC Universal and Telemundo websites. Clips, photos, and other related content can also be shared on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to maintain engagement.

This idea leverages the reach of large media entities NBCUniversal and Telemundo but allows the users to create what they want to see. Instead of figuring out what Latinos want to see and talk about, we can find the ones that are already starting the conversation and give them a bigger platform. #HealthyYouTV and #SaludableTuTV will motivate users to participate in the healthy movement and will provide regular inspiration.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We can create a sample YouTube video following the format of the show and promote it. We will ask for feedback and monitor views. A focus group of the target audience can also respond and let us know their opinion.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

The community can provide feedback on the idea's feasbility, as well as whether the audience will respond to this. Does this already exist? Skills to contirbute include: market analysis, content production, web/TV production experience, social media experience, etc.

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