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Community Motivator (Updated 17 August - Refining the language)

Website and app where small groups motivate each other to reach health goals by comparing progress, meeting and accruing points for goods.

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Who is the target audience for your idea and how does it inspire the end user to lead a healthier life?

The target audience is young latino families; single parents; and teenagers/young adults to target obesity in young children today and in the next generation. The use of positive peer pressure and the accumulation of points from meeting health goals is used as motivation. These points can be used at independent retailers, healthy farmers markets and local community cooperatives that grow healthy food, or towards local school programmes to encourage healthy eating such as healthy lunches.


[Updated 17 August 2015] People want to eat healthier but have busy lives and often don’t have the motivation or desire to make changes. They need to see that small changes can result in rewards. 

The target users download the app or use the website and input their daily diet and are able to track what they are eating and how it compares to similar people in their neighbourhood, who they can chat to online or meet in person at events. 

Advice on how to improve their diet is given on the app/website based on what they are eat with small modifications suggested. There is also advice available in the forums and via a YouTube channel with recipe clips that can be downloaded. 

Motivation to be healthier is given through the tracking feature; encouragement icons; and the accumulation of awards that can be used for healthy eating, such as the community gardens described in

The users can also have the option to share their progress via social media such as Facebook and Twitter in the same way that some of my friends share their running times and routes via Facebook. 

Wireframes for the app are attached as Fambiene.001.jpg; Fambiene.002.jpg and Fambiene.003.jpg and a website can be developed with a similar functionality. 

Target audience

The target audience is mid/low income young families where both parents work; single parent families with young children; and also teenagers/young adults. This is because obesity rates are so high in obese latino children and therefore there will be more immediate on the health of their children and future offspring (in the case of teenagers/young adults). In addition, an estimated 27 percent of Hispanic children are uninsured. Also, this generation is more tech savvy and are more likely to engage with the app I am planning to develop. 

A full description of the rationale behind choosing the target audience and how to market to them is given as attachments Target User Group 1.001.jpg; Target User Group 2.002.jpg; and Target Group 3.003.jpg. 

The full user journey for the target groups is attached as User Journey Single Parent - Perspective of Juanita.001.jpg; User Journey Young Family - Maria's Perspective.001.jpg; and User Journey Juan.001.jpg. 

[Updated 17 August 2015] It is reported that over three quarters of hispanics in the US used mobile Internet. 

TV / User Generated Content

The idea could be expanded through a Fambiene TV show (outlined in attachment TV Show Idea.001.jpg) and/or the use of a YouTube channel where participants could upload video clips of healthy dishes they have created. 

The clips could be tagged with the time taken to cook and the ingredients, with an option to link to a site like to find the cheapest price for these items. Based on these recipe clips, families could be selected and chosen to star in the Fambiene TV show. Participants could record short video clips of recipes and tips. NBC could use the content to create stories of families for advertising. Families could be rewarded through points for user generated content. NBC could use interns to scroll through footage submitted by users and splice and connect the footage to create clips of different lengths. This content could be automatically uploaded when the user’s smartphone is connected to a free wifi connection. These YouTube clips could be shared via social media. 

A dynamic map of the uptake of Fambiene could be shown online and after the weather forecast (attachment Map.001.jpg).


Fambiene could be monetised by sponsorship from a healthy food company with a Fambiene TV show being aired showed before/after a popular Saturday night show for families, or through brands that want to target young Latin American families and teenagers/young adults. 

This could be through sponsorship: in-app and on the app through logos. Or, sponsors could send discounts or free samples of their products to the users of the app. Users could then fill in questionnaires about the products providing valuable market research for the companies in question.

[Updated 14 August 2015] I have attached a plan with timescales for the rollout of this idea. 


I would define success of the idea as being both quantitative and qualitative and consisting of the following:

A total of 25% of the target market is using Fambiene on a regular basis to track their nutrition.

A total of 50% of the target market uses Fambiene for inspiration for a healthier lifestyle and change their behaviour. 

A total of 70% of the target market is aware that Fambiene is a product associated with NBCUniversal and Telemundo.

A total of 90% of the target market is aware of the Fambiene brand. Fambiene is synonymous with nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

What kind of help do I need from the community?

[Updated 14 August 2015] As I am not based in the US, I could do with some help from people based in the US who can engage with the target groups or have some knowledge of the target groups. I need help with the needs analysis and ideas for the best way to engage these groups. Simply talking to friends, family members and coworkers that are in these target groups would be incredibly helpful. 

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I have developed the early stage app and will pilot test the motivational effect of positive group peer pressure. I plan to contact local Latin American community groups and individuals here in London to test pilot the app and gauge interest and identify improvements to my idea. A plan for the development of Fambiene is attached.

What skills, input or guidance are you keen to connect with from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea?

Front and backend developers for the app and website UX designers People with connections to the Latin American communities in LA

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I LOVE this! Great find. I'd like to build on the video concept further and think about how we can add/create a community to connect people around the world sharing their ideas, recipes, and videos organically.

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