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Help us develop a set of solutions that use technology to improve health, in particular among the growing Hispanic population in the U.S.


With your help during our Healthy Lives Challenge, we hope to develop a set of implementable solutions that use technology to improve health among all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups, in particular the growing Hispanic population in the U.S., 30% of which suffers from diabetes and 75% of which are overweight or obese. Socioeconomic status is one of the largest predictors of health outcomes. While this takes into account a person’s education, income, and occupation, there are limitless factors at play when we look at an overall lifestyle – cultural expectations, language preference, holidays and traditions, location, and the role of media to name a few. 

What if we inspired all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups to lead healthier lives and break free of the statistics binding their health with their status? We need a change in the status quo in order to disrupt these trends and create a more hopeful and active future for coming generations. How will we do this? The Healthy Lives Challenge calls our community to create technology, media and information-based solutions for inspiring all socioeconomic and cultural groups to lead healthier lives.

In this challenge, we recognize that young people are the largest influencers of a community’s health future. That’s where the technology piece comes in. If we’re going to make big change in people’s lifestyles, it has to be easy and play into their current habits. How might we leverage media, technology and content platforms to inspire healthier lifestyles?

OpenIDEO has partnered with NBCUniversal – one of the world’s leading entertainment and media companies – NBCUniverso and Telemundo to tackle this challenge together. Telemundo has recently launched initiatives focused on lowering the risk of preventable disease within Hispanic Americans. America Reimagined and Prevention is Life (Prevenir es Vivir) both aim to increase awareness and provide information about the health risks commonly faced by Hispanic Americans and how to prevent them. While we’re especially excited to see solutions that can be applied to this population, the issues surrounding healthy lives are found across the world. We want your analogous examples and research to help us better create powerful media and technology solutions.


So what kind of applications are we most excited to see on OpenIDEO? Those that:

  • Draw upon technology. Let’s leverage social platforms, TV, wearables, sensor networks, AR/VR and other technologies to inspire solutions that are current, imminent and affordable for all socioeconomic and multicultural groups including Hispanic Americans.
  • Embrace tradition. We want to preserve the cultural traditions of groups such as Hispanic Americans that bring diversity and spice to life. How can we stay current while drawing upon the end user’s heritage?
  • Inspire action. We’re keen on moving beyond motivation to impact - on solutions that can be quickly tested and proven on a small scale.
  • Highlight the hidden. What are motivators that we don’t know much about that could be game-changers? Where are the less obvious triggers?
  • Are visual and fun. Let’s keep things light and creative. While the issue is serious, solutions should be ultra-relatable and put a smile on the face of the end user.
  • Are Inclusive. While we’re excited to see solutions that can be applied to Hispanic Americans, the issues surrounding healthy lives are found across multicultural and socioeconomic groups, across the world, and across ages and physical abilities.

As the challenge unfolds we'll share more about our goals so you know where we're headed. NBCU would be thrilled to see Top Ideas that they can share out. A selection of the Top Ideas will be considered for potential refinement and implementation within select areas of the NBCUniversal portfolio including Telemundo and local stations. As always, we encourage everyone to take your ideas forward in your own communities or to collaborate with your network to implement them. 

On OpenIDEO we strive to be a place where good ideas gain momentum – both from the community and from our sponsors and partners. For more information checkout our Guiding Principles for tips on how our community collaborates.


NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, premier motion picture company, world-renowned theme parks, and a suite of leading Internet-based businesses. NBCUniversal understands the power and possibilities of media and technology. As a company uniquely positioned to inform, empower and inspire, they embrace the opportunity to create conversation and mobilize action to address some of the world's most critical issues.


Joanna Spoth – Challenge Manager

Shane Zhao – Community Manager

Alper Yaglioglu - Community Prototyper

Andre Fernandes - Community Prototyper

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