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Preventive lift

Slowly increasing the load on the bones, we avoid micro-traumas that can become the start of a future fracture.

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How does your research relate to the Challenge?

Almost always, a bone fracture is a consequence of the accumulation and co-interaction of multiple micro-cracks, which appear when bone overloads and are unnoticeable at first glance. Most of these micro-cracks appear when a person gets up from a bed, when the entire gravitational load of body weight literally instantly piles on the bone. In order to avoid “right out of the bed” injury, a simple and inexpensive bedside lift is proposed, which will very slowly turn a person to a vertical positio

Tell us about your research:

For many years we have been working on the design of the lift, which according to a given program will lift a person from a horizontal to a vertical position. The speed, angle and acceleration will be set by the attending physician or other authorized medical professional. We are currently working on increasing the safety of the device and reducing its price. Work has begun on the creation of a full-sized prototype. To date, the lift is a modular design. The current simplest option is a gutter attached to the bed with a self-locking mechanism for the patient and a control panel. In more advanced models, it can be stored under the bed when not in use. In even more advanced models, the lift has its own chassis and can move between beds and even between rooms.

What is an insight, question, or provocation that might inspire others during this challenge?

Disease prevention is always more beneficial than its treatment. And if in the case of osteoporosis,if we can deal with its prevention, then why don't we do that. Moreover, if a person still gets injured somewhere, then our lift will become even more useful to him during physiotherapy during process of healing bones!

Tell us about yourself

I lead the research laboratory of the Lviv Technological Lyceum. Our students have a lot of projects, including medical ones. Unfortunately, among our students there are children with problems of the musculoskeletal system. One of them is engaged in the development of the proposed lift.

If you participated in a Research Event, tell us which Chapter or city you came from:

The means at our disposal allow us to work only with small-sized models. But in this case, one of the small industrial enterprises took up the manufacture of a full-sized prototype unit.

(Optional) What might you need to understand to be successful in the Ideas Phase ahead?

We are seeking contacts with manufacturers of medical equipment. The means at our disposal prevent us from making a complete product. We also need materials and equipment to more quickly implement their ideas. Those Ukrainian sponsors who are currently helping us, are very limited in their capabilities.


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