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Osteoporosis Foundation India (OFI)

Women's Health, funding Innovative Research and Improving the Quality of Life for people suffering from Osteoporosis

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How does your research relate to the Challenge?

I belong to India and I have been observing that several not for profit organizations are working to educate the old age people about the Osteoporosis as the number is increasing of people having osteoporosis. While researching about preventive measure I come to know about the on not for profit organization in India educating the people through different events and workshops about osteoporosis. Their mission is to contribute betterment of old age people about osteoporosis through programs of Awa

Tell us about your research:

They are conducting the following events 1) Women Leaders' Round Table on Osteoporosis Themed "Strong Women: Strong Bones" and will provide a common interactive platform between women leaders from various Fields (Arts, Commerce, Education Journalism, Law, Politics, Religion, Science etc.) on Osteoporosis which is a huge and growing health problem in India. It will encourage women to engage in a "bone-friendly lifestyle”. Urge Govt and other health officials to recognize Osteoporosis as a health priority and improve their own knowledge of the disease on Prevention and treatment aspects 2) Bone Health Event: An Educational Health Initiative on Osteoporosis organized by Dr. Mythri Shankar commemorating World Osteoporosis day.A Not for Profit Awareness creating event on Bone Health around a sports theme at which various Sports Champions from different fields (Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Swimming, Hockey etc.) will be participating in this event. 3) Art & Bone Health: A product of amalgamation of the left brain (science and logic) and the Right Brain (creativity and arts). It is said Music and Medicine are twins. And therefore, this is indeed a product of amalgamation of the left brain (science and logic) and the Right Brain (creativity and arts). A special sequence has been choreographed by Kala Sindhu Dance Academy to Poet Nisar Ahmed’s composition. Nisar Ahmed being a Muslim in religion has written about a Hindu god – lord Krishna. Bene kadda; again, highlighting butter - a milk product! Mild and Milk products are rich in calcium which is required to prevent osteoporosis. Along with Various forms of Paintings (Watercolor, Oil, Charcoal) and Sculptures by several local artists will also be on display supporting our "Fight Osteoporosis" campaign. Frank Barthelemy, a famous and senior Art consultant will be talking about importance of art in the context of medicine. Unveiling of a charcoal painting by Rupesh Patrick which has been specially done and donated in support of our cause – women’s health. There will also a LIVE Painting to Music on stage. Main Objective was to encourage women and elderly men to engage in a “bone-friendly lifestyle” and to take the time to improve their own knowledge of the disease, prevention and treatment. And urging Health care professionals, Government and other health officials to recognize osteoporosis as a health priority. 4) Bone Health Day: Renowned women of repute from different fields and professions in the local community will be participating in a fashion show supporting the cause of women's health with their own moms and daughters. Special costumes have been designed incorporating an element of diet exercise and sunlight - which are three important factors in prevention of the disease, like a fruit hat, a bone plant, a clutch made of leafy vegetable, apple pendant, and jewelry mad of surgical metal components used in fixing fractures.

What is an insight, question, or provocation that might inspire others during this challenge?

The events they are conducting might be useful for educating the people who are suffering from Osteoporosis. The events they are conducting is a great initiative to start educating old age people in a better way.

Tell us about yourself

I am a student with a pharmaceutical science background and I am familiar with the difficulties people face who are suffering from Osteoporosis as one of my relatives has the same.

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