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Bonafide Bone Health: Making Information Accessible

There are some great resources about osteoporosis and fracture prevention. How might we make these resources more accessible?

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How does your research relate to the Challenge?

I am curious about how we help patients who are living with osteoporosis find the information they need to form positive relationships and advocate for their needs from their care providers?

Tell us about your research:

I've included a couple organizations that have provided great information, but the format is a little overwhelming and hard to take in. Including: The Surgeon General’s Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis: What It Means to You: And I attached Harvard's School of Medicines Osteoporosis: A guide to prevention and treatment

What is an insight, question, or provocation that might inspire others during this challenge?

They internet is a crazy place filled with an overwhelming amount of information, which is hard to navigate through what's accurate, relevant and important to patients. I am curious to learn what ideas, inspirations or organizations are doing this well?

Tell us about yourself

I'm a member of the OpenIDEO team. I am passionate about using human-centered design to make our world a healthier more vibrant place. My background is in supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems, public health and education initiatives.


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I have sent attachment 1 to a friend of mine who has the condition. Hope you don't mind.

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I like your work. You are a life saver.

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Hi Ashley. Great provocation. (I agree, the internet is crazy and overwhelming!) What I want as a patient is to be informed. How do patients know what they need to know? One service I am aware of that is creating impact in maternal child health is Text4baby. This service model feels very proactive and empowering in it's educational approach.
Info is shared with pregnant women - and with new parents - via text, 3x/week. The messages are clinically relevant as they are timed to a mother's due date, or a newborn's birthday.

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Hi Bettina Fliegel thanks for sharing!

This is an interesting inspiration and also ties in nicely with an insight the Ivy Chiu from the Hong Kong Chapter shared:

PS Ivy, Bettina is an amazing Chapter organizer in NY with a health of knowledge around applying human-centered design in the health space. Bettina, Ivy is a new Chapter organizer based in Hong Kong who's already doing amazing work around design for social impact excited for the two of you to connect!

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Hi Ashley Tillman - Many thanks for connecting me to Bettina Fliegel ... I could definitely learn from her!

Hi Bettina Fliegel - I resonate with your idea and I need to learn more from you as Chapter Organizer!

Riding on your idea, I am thinking if there is a centralized system that could store the medical record of patients which doctors could refer to.  Patients could grant the right to doctors to access and patients could also subscribe reminders for medication & exercises etc. And if those data could be used as support data for insurance companies for underwriting, calculating insurance premiums etc.  This would create benefits to the patients, doctors and insurance companies.

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Hi Ashley, This made me think of a website I liked during my pregnancy called "Evidence Based Birth." They did a great job of rounding up information and summarizing all the studies that had been reported on each potentially controversial decision to make in the process.