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A gynecologist identified my loved one's osteoporosis

All the signs were there, but no one knew until she thought to check with a bone scan. I wonder if this happens to others?

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I gave my family a call and had a long conversation about how they found out they had osteoporosis, what that experience was like, and what surprised them. Although it ran in my family, and they had a number of traits that increase likelihood such as gender and vegetarianism, the gynecologist was the first to ask questions about diet, family history, and ultimately to order a bone scan to check how dense the bones were. It was a good thing she did because they had osteopenia - an early stage on the road to osteoporosis.

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I wonder how often osteoporosis is caught by gynecologists. Is there something unique about the approach, training, demographics of gynecologists that sets them up to ask better questions or look out for this issue? How could we learn from that and leverage it?

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My loved ones have had osteoporotic fractures.


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