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The Taste - Meal Delivery and Shopping Baskets

The Taste is a bone-health focused food and supplement delivery service and loyalty program

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What challenges or opportunities are you trying to address within the problem? (200 characters or less)

Research highlights the challenges of awareness and sustaining behavioral changes. What if nutritious, tasty, bone-helping meals and supplements were delivered right to Alice’s door?

It's 4:30 PM on a spring day. Alice hears a doorbell ring; goes to her front door and finds 5 lightweight pouches hanging on a special rack on her front stoop. 

She’s excited because she knows these are part of her self-care after her hip fracture and recovery over the past few months. 

She carries the pouches inside easily, and unpacks them. There are also a couple of new exercise cards right in the package. 

An hour later, she takes the pouches from the fridge to microwave the easy open containers – on to a plate. Mmm! Tasty salmon with edamame, and a yogurt & fruit parfait for dessert. 

It costs about $50 per week to have several meals delivered, but she feels it’s worth it, and her daughter contributes every now and then – and joins her for dinner, of course! And, an after-dinner stroll. Next, she'll try some leg lifts as shown in one of the cards. Best of all - eating healthy like this is a step with such tasty food - and a step that Alice can proudly take to ensure her continued independence and healing.

Who is your target end user and why will they be interested? (650 characters or less)

Alice, Her Family, and a catering company and/or chef.

How is your idea scaleable? (650 characters or less)

Suggest looking to adapt other meal plan programs and even Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs for scalability as well as business model insights and analogies. I think this could be fairly straightforwardly prototyped using a commercial kitchen to prep meals.

What do/will you measure to know if your solution worked? (500 characters or less)

- Business metrics from meal plan - repeat business; increased vs. cancelled subscriptions - feedback/rating cards

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Blueprint: We are exploring the idea and gathering the inspiration and information we need to test it with real users.

If you were to become a Top Idea, would you want to actively participate in piloting your idea?

  • I want my idea piloted, and I prefer to do my own piloting in collaboration with the health system and with assistance from the Challenge partner
  • I want my idea piloted, but I’d prefer not to be involved in the pilot and prefer that the health system adopts my idea for piloting with assistance from the Challenge partner

Company / Organization Name, if applicable (140 characters or less)


Website (if applicable)


Tell us about yourself or your team (500 characters or less)

I am a curious design strategist and innovation adivsor, who’s inspired by this challenge; its scale and size - and those impacted by Osteoporosis.

Location (50 characters)

Richmond, VA, USA

What is your legal / organizational structure?

  • We are individuals

Innovator/Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization

How did you hear about the Challenge?

  • OpenIDEO announcement email
  • OpenIDEO social media
  • Direct email invitation
  • Richmond VA OpenIDEO Organizer

Why are you participating in this Challenge?

I’m motivated by the sheer magnitude of this challenge, its complexity, the challenges of future impacts to the world’s aging population - and many other nuances underscored in the research & insights. And of course all of the great research and stories here!

Please upload your journey map. Be sure your journey map shows when your user is introduced to the idea and when/how they access it, and illustrates which moments in the Challenge Journey Map your journey map touches.

Who did you test your idea with, what did you learn, and how did you evolve your concept?

I learned about the importance of not just creating a box of groceries, but ways to make it more compelling.

(Optional) Share documentation of your solution prototyping and testing, such as photos.

Please upload your Business Model Canvas

Please upload your team video.

The video is seen in the presentation and can be played from there. Or see this link:


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Holly Chasan-Young Congratulations Holly and Team!! Your creative drive together generated great ideas for a frequently overlooked pain point in the post-fracture patient journey. Loved the straightforward, creative simplicity of your team video. Best wishes for future development as a Top Idea!! Susan

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