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Awareness & Pairing

Social media campaign to encourage the senior women to not only get a mammogram - but also bones scan too! #boobsandbones

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Awareness that the *state* of your bones matters a great deal and that there is something (beyond vitamins) that people can do about that state so it's worth the work to discover your bone state.

I put this in the "other" category because it is not specific to after a fracture. 

In my interviews over 80% of adults did not think osteoporosis, if identified, was treatable beyond vitamins. The consensus was that beyond vitamins we are pretty helpless to mitigate osteoporosis. 

They did not know that 50% of women of 50 would break a bone *due to osteoporosis*. Nor that there are now several prescription treatments that can improve the state of bones.  

Since mature women already get mammograms every year or every other year, is there a way to tie the two scans together into a challenge? Love your mom? get your "boobs & bones" scan for Mother's Day. A social media "tag/challenge the next people" campaign to raise awareness that a bone scan exists and it can lead to treatment that protects loved ones from fractures.

Could a famous mother and daughter go together and kick it off and challenge others to get their boobs & bones scan? #boobsandbonesscan 

Roll it out in advance of International Women's Day/Mother's Day.  Social media campaign for proactive scans with women that you love. Boobs & Bones!

It's mildly salacious using the word "boobs" but women are taking back language in positive ways all over the place these days, so it could work out.

Let's face it. We're all afraid of falling and being a burden. Everyone is. Nobody wants to talk about it, but pairing bones with boobs makes it fun. And memorable. 

Who is your target end user and why will they be interested? (650 characters or less)

"Boobs & Bones" Challenge targets: Initial target is (adult) mothers, daughters and aunts. If 66 year old Diana had taken the "boobs and bones challenge" with her daughter then the impact of her fall could have been lessened. Target Group A is women age 45 and older who are into fitness and health - to tag female friends and relatives. By age 45 women are getting mammograms (especially health and fitness focused women) and they may have one off the many risk factors listed here ( being 5'7"tall for goodness sake!) They would be interested because it fits with their image of themselves. Target B is women joining the AARP for the first time. The hypothesis is they are thinking about retirement and what medical stuff they want to have done before they leave their employers health plan.

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The goal is to gain visibility primarily tha there is a bone scan and if you are looking for a full life and you're female it's a good idea to get one to see the state of your bone health. The purpose is to drive awareness and get influential early adopters posting about it. One challenge to the idea of a boobs and bones scan set is costs. For people over 65 it looks like Medicare will over it and if people between age 50-64 know which risk factors they have from this list, they have a higher likelihood of coverage. Part of any bones and bones challenge would be to educate the general public on the risk factors that would increase their personal urgency and potential coverage. They may be a good case for a baseline DEXA scan be embraced by corporate "Wellness" programs. Lots of workers are over 50, so it may be attractive as a precautionary measure for those who insure populations 50 and over.

What do/will you measure to know if your solution worked? (500 characters or less)

* Can we get mother/daughter celebrities to launch the #boobsandbones challenge? (of course a better name may be identified - please contribute ideas!). * Can we measure the number of people who post #boobsandboneschallenge on social media? We can. *Could we reach out to them to ask them to participate in follow-up research survey via social media and secure "yes I will"? I think so.

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My aunt has osteoporosis and getting shots, she's super active and an awesome travel partner for me. I volunteer in Seattle at Providence ElderPlace and I have a background in software product management.

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Seattle, WA 98102

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  • We are individuals

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  • Female-led organization

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  • searching for open challenges on Google


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Photo of Susan Jackewicz

Hi Zarah,
While your idea isn't specific to one of the Challenge brief guidelines involving a first fracture, I love the creativity of a social media campaign to build healthy bone identity to be equally as important as getting a mammogram. Sometimes, especially in the journey of aging, identifying with a body that suddenly (or even slowly) doesn't work the way it used to, can be a serious jolt. Inserting some fun and levity into an otherwise challenging situation can have impact other strategies can't achieve. Here hear to #boobsandbones!
OpenIDEO Innovation Coach

Photo of Z Morris

@Susan Jackewicz Thanks!

(I put this in "other" because I know it didn't quite fit with the post-fracture target of the challenge. I'm not a social media guru, but I wonder if certain famous moms (like the Kardashian moms) have had a bone test. Here are a lot of women who might fit for different reasons. ... smart/strong/honest (Jodie Foster), soulfully (Sheryl Crow), known for being Dr. Grey herself (Ellen Pompeo), Lucy Lui might be drawn to serving as an advocate for Asian women's health since the statistics shared highlight being of Asian decent is a risk factor, icons of fit women like Stefi Graf, awesome comedians like Wanda Sykes, or stunning actress, activist and author like Shohreh Aghdashloo. Now I'm dreaming :) #boobsandbones

Photo of Manisha Laroia

Great comment Susan Jackewicz 
Love how you brought so much value to the idea and its assessment.

Photo of Z Morris

Susan Jackewicz - I echo that. It was a risk to put this up (because it wasn't the post- fracture target and because it's a bit risque). Your feedback made me feel respected and valued. I could see your empathy shining through and your understanding of the power of humor of fun. Oh! I wish I could write as well as you do. BTW this is my first OpenIDEO challenge so your feedback was my first impression. Thank you!

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