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Bones Royalty Card

Bones Royalty Card is a frequent shopper card for older adults, caretakers, or those who care about eating habits that support bone health.

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What challenges or opportunities are you trying to address within the problem? (200 characters or less)

Research highlights the challenge of awareness & how after-fracture habits may get lost & for some, adjusting to the new reality is a challenge. The Royalty card supports healthy eating changes.

The Bones Royalty Card would enter the picture for Alice during Reestablishing Routines. It is a special perk that might be shared with Alice by her doctor, physical therapist, community worker or case worker – or even family member:  

Alice is reflecting on some of the things that she needs to change about her routines and habits. She knows that she has to boost certain foods in her diet that will benefit her bone health, but she’s not sure where to start.

When her daughter gifts the card to her, it comes with a printed list of around 30 new food options to shop for (some familiar and some brand new) - as well as a small booklet of simple recipes.

Initially, Alice checks off 5 things on the list that sound appetizing including a few of her favorites – figs and rhubarb!  That night, she makes an open-faced cheese sandwich, steamed broccoli, along with a simple dessert of stewed rhubarb. It's both easy and delicious. She feels like the changes may not be so bad.

A few weeks later, she receives a coupon to the store reflecting a reimbursement for all of the times she bought foods on the list. It adds up to about $16.83 -  that she can apply to her total shopping bill, the next time she shops there.

Who is your target end user and why will they be interested? (650 characters or less)

Alice is clearly the main beneficiary; the grocery store leaders/stakeholders/decision-makers would be a key partner in this and they would also benefit, but have to figure out how to make it work on their end, post-pilot. I hope they would offset some of the development costs by being rewarded by customer sales and loyalty, and they also get a feel-good story to share – I hope that if proven successful, could by subsidized by insurance companies.

How is your idea scaleable? (650 characters or less)

Because its features are automated via technology and resemble current frequent shopper programs on the market, scalability of the Bones Royalty card shouldn’t be a concern as long as there’s a positive PR, Brand-related or financial ROI for stores to be involved.

What do/will you measure to know if your solution worked? (500 characters or less)

- Shopping Data - Online or by-phone feedback - Compare nutritional habits and awareness over time, bone health, vs. control group

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Blueprint: We are exploring the idea and gathering the inspiration and information we need to test it with real users.

If you were to become a Top Idea, would you want to actively participate in piloting your idea?

  • I want my idea piloted, and I prefer to do my own piloting in collaboration with the health system and with assistance from the Challenge partner

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I am a curious design strategist and innovation advisor who’s inspired by this challenge; its scale and size - and those impacted by Osteoporosis.

Location (50 characters)

Richmond, VA

What is your legal / organizational structure?

  • We are individuals

Innovator/Organizational Characteristics

  • Female-led organization

How did you hear about the Challenge?

  • OpenIDEO announcement email

Why are you participating in this Challenge?

I’m motivated by the sheer magnitude of this challenge, its complexity, the challenges of future impacts to the world’s aging population - and many other nuances underscored in the research & insights.


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Photo of Susan Jackewicz

Hi Holly Chasan-Young 
Following up from one of your other ideas Special Delivery , here's a story of a large grocery chain wanting to connect with their customers around health issues:
Its corporate headquarters is in Florida - a state with a large population of older folks. It's interesting they're focusing on just one of the major diseases associated with aging. How might a campaign like yours increase awareness of osteoporosis and first bone fractures to be on a par with understanding of health impacts like heart disease?
Thanks for your submissions!
OpenIDEO Innovation Coach

Photo of Holly Chasan-Young

Thank you @Susan_Jackewicz! That's very cool to see.
That is a really good question and I think one of the main challenges of osteoporosis awareness is that it competes for notice among other important health concerns. I definitely think we'll have to try some new and unorthodox ideas to get some attention in the crowded field of information overload - and I hope I've done that with some of my other ideas!

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