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The Internet, i mean, Healthcare of Things.

Develop an updated interface on cheaper mobile devices that support AI-enabled autonomous health scans.

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While the non western and western worlds are in dire need of a healthcare revolution that is on par with the technological innovations - 2016 does have the tools and devices needed to tick the clock of progress in the right direction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been  on the path of exponential growth the past 60-70 years, and we are living in a time where the fruits of this tech are more accessible than ever. AI-enabled autonomous health scans provide the best diagnostics equally to the poorest and wealthiest communities on the planet. We have super computers such as IBM's Watson that are able to read and understand scientific papers that detail the pros and cons of specific clinical trials - and many other fortune 500 companies are joining this path with the like minded mission in mind. 

With that said, how the heck does this relate to mobile technology? Imagine a mobile device or community centered computer with access to the internet - and if that internet access led to access to super computers similar to Watson - and if Watson had the capabilities to remotely diagnose people with this Artificial Intelligence back end? 

Easier said than done, but there are many companies out there that could be persuaded and/or mandated to donate excess refurbished devices and computers to these poor and wealthy communities - and with a few remote cell towers and aligned data satellites - we can very well create an "internet of things" scenario as it relates to the "healthcare of things" 


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