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Breaking The Wall of Medical & Medication Errors

Digitizing the healthcare industry to eradicate Medical & Medication errors via modern-day technologies like Artificial Intelligence & ML.

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                Do you know how many people die of medication errors worldwide every year? About 210,000 to 440,000 deaths are recorded just in the US alone according to the Journal of Patient Safety. It's worth noting here that US is one of those countries which spends almost 1/4th or 20% of it's GDP on healthcare annually, equaling to 3 Trillion USD yet this serial killer is still on the loose.

Medication errors are labelled as the third leading cause of deaths in US and are responsible for 9.5% of all deaths. Not just this, it has been found through the last decades that the month of July contributes to the highest number of deaths due to errors, almost double than other months.

July - The Killing Season

The magnitude was so compelling that healthcare professionals started calling July "The Killing Season" or the deadly results of "The July Effect". The graph below shows the distribution of deaths among different kinds of medical errors.

July Effect - Causes of deaths spread over errors.

All of the above stats are of a country which is not just developed but also boasts with a leading healthcare ecosystem, but this is not a reality for every other country out there, neither is every other country capable to launch even a multi-billion dollar healthcare industry let alone a trillion dollar industry. The following graphic illustrates just a glimpse of what the world faces today in terms of access to proper or at least adequate health services.

Global Inadequate Access to Health Services - WHO

WHO estimates a shortage of about 4.3 million healthcare workers worldwide which then couples with ever increasing population and rapid aging of existing population (1.4 billion by 2030 will be 60+) to present a challenge far greater than anything we as humans will be able to solve in the future if we continue to ignore this as we have been.

Through our extensive research for the last 8 months, we have compiled a list of three major problems/issues that are either un-served or under-served.

  • Hassle of keeping and sharing your medical records with multiple & different providers
  • Medical & Medication Errors lead to ill treatment, causing harm to patients and even fatality
  • Prescription Filling & Dispensing is time-taking and a burden for many patients, leading to stress and patient non-compliance
Major Problems & Issues Identified

MedMee is an Organic digital healthcare startup, i.e. inspired by real-life events faced by the founders. For me, my mother was a patient of Hyperthyroidism, she was prescribed some medicine which she was supposed take thrice a day. But she would often miss her dose, so in order to make up for it, she took multiple doses in a narrow gap which resulted in the severity of the case and in the end she had to undergo a surgery after which she was told not to speak even a single word for the next 10 days. [thankfully her case was not fatal unlike 100s of thousands if not millions who fall victim t]

Obviously nobody wants that to happen to anyone, near or dear to them. And that's where we come in, we at MedMee are working to eradicate such mistakes or events by decentralizing traditional Electronic Health/Medical Record or EMR/EHR systems from the doctors and hospitals to the patients themselves and make it global and portable, through Digital Medical Profiles and by incorporating a Personal Assistant and as we like to call her Casey, is a virtual nurse coupled with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to give you the care and attention you deserve and need.

She’ll ensure the efficiency of your treatment and notify when and how you have to take your medicines, what to avoid, what not to avoid, keeping you away from all possible allergic elements like if you are allergic to Olives and you check into a Pizza Parlor, she will notify you nicely via phone or a wearable. Thus giving you a sense of reliability, comfort, personalization and control.

MedMee's Solution

Initially we are launching our virtual nurse Casey as a chatbot on Facebook, where she would be exposed to 2 billion monthly active users, allowing them to track, remind and order their medications. And also an early prototype of our ePharmacy Mobile App, which allows users to order high-quality medicines to their doorsteps by just taking a snap of their prescription. You can take a look at them here

The initial customer segments we are targeting in phase 1 are Hospitals, Medical Universities and doctors in specific who will encourage the patients or their caretakers to use our product, we are going to test our initial EMR system at Cancer Care Hospital & Research Center, head by Prof. Dr. Shaharyar, who’s a leading & renowned Oncologist of Pakistan.

CCH&RC - Cancer Care Hospital & Research Center | Asia's Second Largest Cancer Hospital

We find the Sandoz HACk as an opportunity to unlock tens of other opportunities and as a launchpad to refine, validate, improve and launch our platform in to the households of millions of users worldwide and to start saving innocent and valuable lives in no time by providing a healthy healthcare ecosystem that is both highly reliable and highly accessible.

We are planning to use all of the seed funding provided by Sandoz to develop, test, refine/improve and eventually launch our virtual nurse, ePharmacy and Cloud EMR/EHR under international standards & HIPAA compliance so we can provide users with only the best care possible and needed. A portion of the seed funding will also be used to setup our company internationally and to maintain a healthy and digital presence in the realm of digital healthcare companies.


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Waoo ! your thought have great power, a personal medical record would be beneficial to the App user. One additional thought I believe could help to describe some of it in the main body of the text! I also believe that the most valuable part of your ideas are in the data integration effort and possible creation of a new markup standard! If you manage than, that would truly be a game changer. HIPAA permits health care providers to disclose to other health providers any protected health information (PHI) contained in the medical record about an individual for treatment, case management, and coordination of care and, with few exceptions, treats mental health information the same as other health information.
To know more ideas please read this article.

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