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Sali. Come Save Lives.

We aim to build a community of lifesavers capable and motivated to administer CPR anywhere and anytime

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We aim to universalize CPR education and training, leading to a population capable and motivated to administer CPR anywhere and anytime. Through an interactive mobile application that can teach, motivate and guide anyone in administering CPR effectively while providing auxiliary support by connecting the user to a network of fellow life savers who will provide needed help. In such doing, an empowered local community can aid in improving public emergency medical response, eventually leading to an increased survival for Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA victims.


  1. Emergency
    • Visual and auditory guides for immersive learning experience
    • Automatic hands-free timer
    • Automated Emergency Medical Service Notifier
  2. Learning
    1. Visual and auditory guides for immersive learning experience
    2. Ability to focus to specific steps for targeted learning
    3. Presence of notes for emphasis on must-knows
    4. Option for trial run which simulates an emergency without its time constraint.
  3. AED locator
    1. Maps out location of AED machines
  4. Surveillance “Bayanihan” System
    • Central hub in gathering SCA cases
    • Sends notifications to nearby users (< 500m)
    • Gives ability to respond to the emergency
      • Roles
        • Obtaining AED machine
        • Body substitute for CPR administration
  5. Social Media Integration
    • FB/Twitter/Instagram posts
    • FB/Google registration
    • User profile
    • Gamification
      • Badges for accomplishment of certain tasks

1. What access to healthcare problem are you trying to solve in your country / local community and how serious is the issue?

The app addresses access to medical information and medical capacity building. CPR trainings are inaccessible to most Filipinos due to its logistical failures, with ~100 training centers accounting for the >100M population and its financial burden, costing a minimum waged Filipino a week's worth of salary. The country also lacks a functional national medical hotline. These two leads to a poor emergency response and contributing to an estimated 60,000 deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest.

2. How would you describe the stage of development of your idea?

  • Conceptual Development

3. What were the biggest challenges when realizing your idea?

In realizing the idea, it is primary to empower the public on their role to their health. Since it deals with an emergency case, most assume it will not happen to them, or to people close to them: leading them to reject preparation. Since this deals with health promotion, multi-sectoral participation is another hurdle to clear. The public, private, and other sectors must overcome their interests and prioritize public health to make an environment conducive for societal change.

4. How will your idea make an impact and in what way?

Having universally accessible knowledge about CPR, users will be more capable and motivated in cases of emergency. In addition, through automatically activating the EMS and gathering nearby users to respond, the app will help provide auxiliary support the lay rescuer will need. This will not only quicken the emergency response but also increase public participation. By doing such, community health values will be strengthened.

5. Tell us about the scalability of your idea to other communities.

In cases of emergency, civilians are the frontline to healthcare. The need for them to be properly equipped will be present for most communities. With heart diseases being the main cause of death worldwide, this further emphasizes the global need for such an idea. In developing communities where public healthcare is not as inclusive, the presence of an empowered community minimizes the gap in health status within the population

6. How will winning the Euro 20,000 seed funding move your idea forward?

The €20,000 seed will primarily be used for development and pilot testing. These two tasks will be important in understanding the users and what is valuable to them. In so doing, once there is a full comprehension of the customer’s needs, we may successfully actualize our objective to improve health outcomes. With an established app and an optimal user experience that delivers value to our users, marketing and multi-sectoral partnerships would be more compelling.


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