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Gratitude that led me to exploring my potential and reaching greater heights

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After my graduation, i was not able to get employment immediately. I spent almost two years at my uncle's place while applying for different jobs in several Organisation. About 20 applications later, i landed a field job where part of my roles was to collect data from field subjects. It was quite a demanding job since we had to be ready daily by 5:30 am and head to the field to ensure we interview our subjects before they head for their jobs. We always left the field quite late and my supervisor did her best to ensure we at least had something to eat as we retire from the day’s work. The pay was not the best, the work was quite demanding and i was away from my family for quite some time. During that period, my Birthday approached and we set out for duty. On this particular day, we set off earlier than usual and we were not able to pack any edibles. The roads were impeccable since it had rained heavily the previous night. The car got stranded and we had to push it with our bare hands so that we can proceed with the journey. It was one of the longest days of my life as we worked longer hours on an empty stomach since there were no shops in the vicinity As i thought long and hard about how my life had turned out, with a pale look on my face; my supervisor must have taken note of me from a distance. She dint say much and then and we proceeded with our daily routine. We handed in the day’s work for review and headed back to our stations. The next day i found a note from in my bag and it said “Immaculate, some days will be hard and long but know I appreciate the effort you have put to ensure we do quality work during this project. One day when you are successful you will look back at this day and how we toiled and you will know that it was just a phase to take you to the next level. Thank you for the good work.” I was overwhelmed with so much joy to find that someone took notice of me. Today I am research scientist because someone took notice, believed and appreciated me. It has been one of the most inspiring days pf my life.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Gratitude is a means of communication; it can either be tangible or intangible. Life as we have always known it has changed and evolved. We are so engrossed in our phones and technologies that we barely have time for the small things. This has left most of us in isolation and we need a reminder that of the small things that matter. A thank you note can mean alot to someone, an honest compliment can brighten somebody’s day, a gift no matter how small it may be can be thoughtful and put a smile on someone’s face. Gratitude increases's an individual's effectiveness and productivity.

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I am a biomedical laboratory technologist and the research was conducted as an individual relating to my past experience. After interaction with my colleagues, they mentioned that being appreciated by their supervisor gave them a sense of security and belonging hence enhancing their performance.

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HI Kemigisha Immaculate ,

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