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The Magic Mirror

Creating a culture of reflection and respect

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In many business change projects I used the story of The Magic Mirror to address the importance of reflection and respect in a business culture. Let me explain. When something like a project or task failed in an organization people are often blaming others. Like a manager sitting in his office and pointing to the people in the workplace through his office window. When things right or even better excel, people are often showing off their own achievements or contribution .. taking all the credits.

But now those companies have magic mirrors. When something goes wrong this window will turn into a mirror, forcing the person standing in front of the mirror to reflect on his or her own action and learn. When projects excel this mirror turn into a windows, showing the workplace with loyal employees. The person standing in front of the window can now give credit to other people in the workplace. The magic mirror is creating a culture of reflection and respect, empowering to learn from own mistakes and show gratitude to others.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

When taking about gratitude in the workplace, I often see people look for expressions to show that gratitude to others. But when using the magic mirror as leading principal for cultures, then it is all about (1) unlearning to blame others for failure or take credit for positive results, (2) take moments to reflect on own actions and (3) show respect by letting others shine in the spot light! With this metaphor I want to provoke others in this challenge to not only look for inspiring ways to let people express gratitude, but also ways to unlearn and create the conditions to do so!

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As business strategist and founder at Rizoden I based my observation on more then 300 projects across several industries like government, health care and small businesses. I take on the gratitude challenge together with my international team members at Rizoden. And for that .. I'm grateful!

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