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Thank a cop!

In the same vein, have you ever thought about why we don't thank police officers more often?

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I have a few friends who are police officers. They are normal people, with kids, with bills to pay, with problems. Not much different to you and I except they made a decision one day to make a career of serving and protecting.

Let's agree that a police force creates a cocoon of relative safety for you and I and our significant others. Yes we've all heard the marginal stories: cop abuses their privilege; police officer exposed. If we didn't judge the majority based the mistakes of the few, perhaps we could agree on this statement: We are better off with an active, empowered police force than without one.

In the spirit of this challenge we are looking at why we don't thank our colleagues for their effort that (directly or indirectly) creates betterment for us. I saw 2 cops walk past before I wrote this post, and wondered why I don't (and traditionally wouldn't) walk up to them and say "hey thanks for keeping us safe"... 

I propose that there is a common thread between my reluctance to say thanks to them, with the reason why we don't do the same in our workplaces. 

Thoughts? Next time you see a police officer, consider approaching and thanking them... I think you'll also find it challenging.

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I'm Clint, my bio is available on my Oideo profile. Trained as a designer, identify as an entrepreneur.

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Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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