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Technical Assessment of Gratitude At Research

This contribution reflects on the quiz I took pertaining to the research I'm involved in.

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The outcome of the quiz seems extremely accurate to me. I feel a sense of strong gratitude among the individuals while working and also during the meetings where we reflect and plan for the upcoming weeks. While answering the questions, I was thinking about my own actions and the actions of all the members in my group. I thought about how we each show to each other that we are grateful of each others work while working on both individual tasks and also tasks that involve more than one person or the whole team. More so, during the meetings we further show our gratitude toward the work of others and how it's helped toward both aspects of and the overall project at hand by singling out each personals accomplishments. The organizational story that lies behind the score is once again the research I'm involved in, as I consider it one of the places in my life where I express and receive gratitude in many ways. I've realized that each person's expressions of gratitude accumulate to reflect the harmonious feeling of comfort and appreciation in the environment and allows us to continue showing gratitude as we become even more aware of its impact on others and also the success of the project at hand. 

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I am a senior at the University of Michigan.


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