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Student Organizations: Is There Gratitude?

Scoring a 52/80 means that this student organization still needs to work on gratitude, but it is going well overall.

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Taking this quiz with my student organization in mind, one that regularly facilitates mandatory discussions surrounding relationships and physical health, I scored a 52/80 on the GOQ. The score itself was not all that surprising, but reliving the memories that were provoked by the quiz questions was certainly interesting. I found myself more able to recall times when someone wasn’t thankful for my, or my organization’s help rather than the many more people who were. It reminded me that although all parties involved in our facilitations are highly pressured to be present, it is ultimately up to the facilitators and the students to show up. A lot of volunteer work is like this; not expecting anything or anyone to be thankful tends to make the work easier. However, when there is gratitude in play, it helps to refocus those helping out and makes the work substantially more meaningful. This could play out in a similar way in a work environment. People who hear and feel that they are truly making a difference tend to be more satisfied doing their work than people who end up in “thankless jobs”. Considering having more gratitude may also reduce the turnover rate in both volunteer organizations like my own and other workplace environments.

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Cassidy Gardner, University of Michigan student.


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