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Setting The Bar High

Local bar shows gratitude for its hardworking staff.

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9pm. The start of my first shift as a member of the door staff at a local college bar. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that it would be a busy night. It was a football Saturday, and I had no experience working at a bar before tonight: this would be a tough challenge to overcome. 

I was immediately thrown into a whirlwind of doing whatever the manager and waitresses asked me to do. I would bus tables, keep walkways clear, check IDs, run around, and repeat. There was little time to rest, as the onslaught of college kids looking for a drink continued well into the night and early morning. 

Finally, the time on my phone read 2:30am. I had survived my first shift. The manager sat us all down to sort of touch base, as well as commend the staff for handling such a challenging night. He thanked us individually for our effort and solid teamwork, and we could tell that his gratitude was genuine. Although we were all exhausted and ready to call it a night, the extra time taken by our manager to speak to us was much appreciated. College bars typically have a lot of turnover, but I could tell that this manager was the type you'd want to work with for a long time.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

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