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Reflection of quiz result

It is important to focus on the quality of gratitude, not the quantity of gratitude.

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On the quiz, I scored 51 out of 80, which indicates that my organization fosters a moderate amount of gratitude. This seems pretty accurate because in my research lab, everyone is consistently busy. It seems like no one really has time to go out of their way to express gratitude other than saying thank you to small things. Also, as a research assistant, I work independently for most of the time. However, we do hold lab meeting every other week to report our progress and to receive feedbacks. During this time, I do receive many gratitude as well as criticisms. However, I believe in a workplace, focusing too much on gratitude can be detrimental for couple reasons. One could become habituated in receiving gratitude so that he/she will not work as hard as much, or one could become really discouraged if they receive a criticism. Thus, I could really resonate with the feedback “Aim for quality, not quantity” because the quality of gratitude is important, not the quantity of gratitude. I found this quiz to be very valuable because the feedbacks suggested many practical ways to increase positivity in my workplace.

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