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My Failed Gratitude Story & Honored Gratitude Story

I will share 2 stories about gratitude in workplace: one is a very good example to express gratitude, while the other one failed to do so.

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1. One Good Example: 

When I was working in Walmart China headquarter, there was a big meeting for all the staff to brief a milestone Walmart China had achieved , and at that time we have about 300 people, but the seats are very limited since we do not have such a big meeting in normal. 

I was very impressed that the COO (I still remember his name is Shawn Gray) said during the half of the meeting. He said, for those who have a seat, would you please stand up, and give your seats to those who just stranded besides you. 

This is a great example for expressing gratitude in workplace. In this example, staff got recognition from the COO, and also got inspired with just a litter care from Shawn Gray. It also boosted and lived Walmart's corporate culture: respect individuals.  Shawn is a great professional to show us a great example. 

2. One Bad Example:

I worked for another company(I would make it anonymous), and the boss failed to express gratitude in such a bad way. Three of my subordinates told me that when they said hi to CEO in the hall way, they got no response, and the CEO walked away with no interaction. 

I was shocked by their experience, and think that this is too bad: The CEO lacks not only gratitude, but also the respect for his employees. Gratitude is about saying thank you and expressing appreciation for others' kindness and giving, and it is also about caring and respect. 

This example can inspire us to think what we should not do regarding expressing gratitude and recognition and appreciation for our staff. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

The first story inspire us how to express gratitude by doing a small thing; The second story tells us what we should not do regarding expressing gratitude, recognition and appreciation for our staff.

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Graduated from University of California San Diego, I have worked in different companies, such as MNC, private companies and NGO. These two stories are real stories when I worked in these two companies. The two stories were deeply stored up in my memory.

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