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Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Interviewed a 20-year-old college student.

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For my interview, I interviewed a friend who worked as an intern for Alidade Capital this past summer. During our conversation, he expressed that often times he felt appreciated for doing what he considered to be simple things because it made other employees’ life easier. In particular, he remembers an instance with an elderly man named Roy. Roy worked as an asset manager in the company. His job involved managing lots of properties. To do this, he used a task management software. To his dismay, the software was bought out by Microsoft and they were in the process of discontinuing the service. Roy was extremely dependent on this software, as it helped him get his work done on a regular basis. He asked my friend if there were any other softwares that would get the same job done for him. Roy felt that my friend, younger and likely more knowledgeable about the current technology, could be of help to him. My friend sent four options in an email to Roy within three hours, one of which Roy found to be very useful. He thanked my friend countlessly for being so prompt and helpful. 

Sometimes favors feel effortless. In my friend’s case, all it took was a google search, some reading, and narrowing down of options. He didn’t necessarily need the pat on the back Roy provided by expressing gratitude but it surely made him realize that his efforts were appreciated. He continued to bring his unique perspective as a young college student to the table because he felt confident that he had something to offer. The gratitude he received, not his paychecks, made his summer memorable. 

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