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Just two minutes for a happier life

Water the flowers in your garden, not the weeds

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We grow what we focus on in life. If we want to be happy we have to find the gratitude. And finding gratitude is a muscle that we can exercise. İt is a way of looking world. İt is something that we used to ....

so with very easy exercises of finding something to thankful for we can grow happiness in our life.  

The important thing is the gratitude must be specific ,new and by heart. By doing this we focus on the beautiful flowers in our garden, not the weeds we want to get rid of. When we remove energy from the weeds they will dry by their selves. 

The Gratitudes shall not be the things that we say from memory, things we say just to say. 

For example not I am grateful for my kids, but I am grateful that  Defne and I shared a very intimate moment of a hug after she cried really hard and I was able to make her feel good. 

Or not I am grateful for the food but I am very grateful for tomato basil soup that I have this lunch which made my upset stomach really happy. 

Gratitudes better if we say daily, new, and if we keep them very very basic. 

At the office to promote gratitude we can lock the screens in the morning. They can unlock by writing two things which we are grateful for that day. 

Or after lunch breaks, the screens can unlock by writing something to gratitude in our life, or something we are thankful for our coworkers. 

We can have gratitude jars on our desks. We can fill them or our coworkers can write notes on small papers and put them into the jar. İf someone needs motivation, or feeling unhappy they can stick a note on the jar saying "need some gratitude".  Or if we see somebody's jar 's empty we know that he needs some motivation. 

By putting some memory notes that pop up various times of the day on the phone or on the notebook we work saying "What are you grateful for? "

We can have concepts monthly. Around this concepts, we can have gratitude boards. The best and fun gratitude can have a prize. 

Very small things to exercise, this looking to world with gratitude, muscle we can increase happiness around workspaces. 

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I am a part-time teacher, and corporate communication specialist running corporate social responsibility events. I am a fan of design thinking. Interested in yoga for 14 years. I am dyslexic and have two daughters one ıs dyslexic whom I write math books for. Thanks to auto-correction :))

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Hi Olay Tugba Deniz ,

Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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