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Is the quiz valuable?

I felt like the quiz really captured some great points and the recommendations were very accurate.

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I scored a 47 out of 80 on the quiz meaning "that your organization fosters a moderate amount of gratitude among its members". I fell this is a true answer and that my workplace has a lot of room for improvement for gratitude in the workplace but we currently have a moderate amount. When answering the questions I made sure to really think about each question and thinking of real life examples compared to each question. This allowed me to answer to the best of my ability and to get the most accurate answer/recommendations. 

I believe this quiz is valuable and am excited to use some of the recommendations to create more gratitude in the workplace, to see if some work and what ones don't. 

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I am a student-athlete at The University of Michigan, and we are contributing to this project for my Psychology 443: Creativity course.


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