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Inspiration: Part of Building a Gratitude

Gratitude: it's getting inspiration from others and gives Inspiration to others.

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What does mean gratitude from my own experiences? 

 My Story:

Date: September 12, 2017

Samvaad (संवाद): A series of lectures, our team organized the first Lecture of the series entitled "Samvaad (संवाद):" Innovation in Education Empowering Industry” mentoring by Mr. Akshay Chawla(Innovation Coach-Intel) an initiative of the Elixir Foundation (LDCE) on September 12, 2017, at L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. At the end of this Lecture, I gave 15-20 minute talk on the Importance of Why? Factor in every life. I talked about every person in the world must be known about the hidden meaning of Why? In their work, education, research, etc.

I was inspired by Simon Sinek's video: Start with why? And this concept that I conveyed to my speech let’s see what happened after that talk.

Credit for Why? Factor Concept: Simon Sinek 

After two days…

Date: September 15, 2017

On that day, we organize recruitment so that the enthusiastic/ Changemaker students join our Elixir Foundation (LDCE) to make a better Community/ Society. In this recruitment, I am as a recruitment Panel. One Student, Soham S. Maheshwary come for the recruitment. Sincerely, I have asked question to that guy,

  • Question: What is Your Motivation to become The Elixir Foundation (LDCE) member? 
  • Answer (from Soham Maheshwari): This club is organizing different Special Types of Lecture of Different Field they will motivate us to achieve our goal. And as personally honestly said, I am impressed by the President of This Club, Himanshu Patoliya (That’s me).

I put the second question to this guy to find the answer, how you took inspiration from me.

  • Question: What is the reason behind the inspiration by me?
  • Answer (from Soham Maheshwari):  I liked your concept, the importance of why? Factor in every life. This concept has changed my way of thinking. That’s the reason for taking inspiration from you.

I heard the answer of this guy, I'm proud and at that time, I feel my life is complete (completely satisfied).

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Insights (In this Context) for the mean of Gratitude: I realized that Meaning of Gratitude in that context, it gets inspiration of others and gives Inspiration to others.

Tell us about yourself

A Design Thinker, Entrepreneur and is on a mission to Connect One Thinker to Other for development, empowering of society. Right now as a President at Elixir Foundation, try to Engaging Youth for Solve the problem of Societies to development of Country. Currently, pursue Chemical Engineering at GTU.

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Hi Himanshu Patoliya ,

Great to see you continuing to share posts in the Research Phase of the Challenge! The Ideas Phase of our Challenge launches tomorrow! I am excited to see you share some of your Ideas around the topic of gratitude in the next phase of the Challenge.

I would also encourage you to look over the additional resources page we have provided! You can access that here:

Thank you for being such an incredible contributor to our OpenIDEO Gratitude Community!