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A simple way of conveying gratitude in the workplace.

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I heard of one coworker challenging himself to write one thank you per day.  He said that in the beginning it was obviously easy but eventually as the "easy ones" were taken care of, more reflection was required.  Reflection and gratitude seemed to be tied together.  In our fast paced business world, reflection isn't always encouraged.  While business practices are reviewed, relational contributions aren't and that's what gratitude is about, relationships.


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Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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I couldn't agree more that effectively displaying gratitude is linked to personal reflection. When I am conducting end of year reviews or providing feedback on performance to employees generally I always find it easy to collate a a list of faults or area's of improvement and often find myself scratching my head when it comes to detailing the positives. Reflecting on recent events is not enough either as to truly recognise someones achievements I find you need to empathise with them. Putting yourself in the other person shoes, showing understanding of their struggles and successes allows you to narrow in on not only what positive contributions they have made to the company but also what they themselves might feel proud of. Recognising these achievements will often have a greater positive impact than highlighting a company milestone.