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High Stress=Less Gratitude?

How do different work environments affect the amount that people are thankful to each other?

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Something that I often wonder about is how faster paces of life affect workplace environments. For example, how would working in a highly competitive business in NYC compare to working in a less competitive industry in a less stressed out city? I would imagine that jobs that are business oriented, trying to sell things, trying to get clients, are likely more stressful to work. As a result of being more stressful, workers would become more hostile and less thankful to each other. 

A specific example of this my brother who works in a finance job in NYC. There are many other companies competing and in order to be successful one must work incredibly hard and have a large output. Bosses at his specific job don’t tend to be that thankful when somebody completes something because it is expected of them. However, when somebody doesn’t complete something they can expect negative consequences. In addition, once they complete one thing, they are expected to immediately move into working on another project; there’s no time for people to stop and be grateful for each other’s work. Although my brother seems content with his job, the turnover rate of people working is quite high. 

I think it’s probably natural for fast paced, high stress job to have less focus on gratitude because there’s too much to think about. However, I wonder whether or not taking time to encourage, thank, and appreciate others would completely change the lifestyle and happiness of people working there. 

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