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Gratitude With No Reason

Try to be thankfully with no reason even after conversation

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For Me I learned to be gratefully in workplace from my colleague who is being thankfully even after a very small conversation and sometimes even she helps me after that, is the one who says "Thank you".

When I go to visit to her place after saying goodbye she will say thank you.

From her I have learned to be gratefully in workplace and non working place.

So in order to inspire workers expressing gratitude in the workplace is better to have gratefully photos or gratefully messages around workplace or offices.

This is the sample of photo.



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Hi isaya 

I was wondering if just saying "Thank you" is enough. We have almost become desensitized to the word as a society since we usually expect gratitude for whatever we do. Do you think that there is another way to say or show gratitude and also convey out deepest appreciation? In my case, I show my thanks by giving my employees a bonus out of nowhere to reward them for their hard work.

I would love to hear your response. Thanks!

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Giving bonus to employees is very good but it has a cost which you will probably reduce your 'thank you (bonus)' to them if you/company have financial problems (sorry, I do not pray for that) but giving appreciation by saying "Thank you" while you mean it on your face is better.