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Gratitude starts with the leaders

Some research on recent discoveries of gratitude and ways that worked

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There seems to be a greater movement to increase gratitude in the work place for more positive mindsets, better mental health, and success. When I looked up “gratitude in the workplace” many links popped up. One was an organization called “gThankYou” that is dedicated to help other organizations and companies give tangible gratifications to their employees through food and other gifts. Their mission claims that it is committed to “helping company leaders build vibrant cultures of engagement and gratitude” through affordable and meaningful gifts. A blog post on the website for gThankYou shared about success stories from some companies that take conscious efforts to create a culture of gratitude. For example, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance claimed that a workplace of gratitude is built on strong communication, creative development, and volunteerism (where employees are paid eight hours per year in paid volunteer time). Another example is Olive Garden, who showed gratitude to people outside of the company, particularly first responders, which brought appreciation back to the workplace. Gratitude spreads quickly once it is sparked, suggesting that it only takes a few to start the culture of gratitude before it takes on a snowball effect. (

Further, a Huffington post about appreciation motivating employees ( showed ways to keep employees engaged and positive, such as allowing employees to be involved in decision making processes, given creative career opportunities, and recognition at places such as team meetings, company newsletters, or even small encouragements from their leaders. A culture of gratitude in a workplace thus seems to start from its leaders, sparked through giving of gifts, sharing food, exchanging thank you notes, and other celebratory events.


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