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Gratitude Starts at the Top

My friend shares an internship experience where he felt gratitude.

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My friend proclaims that increasing gratitude in the workplace starts at the top by fostering a positive environment. He recalled working at an internship with a cutthroat work culture. "They wanted us to be perfect, and the only time management recognized us is when we made mistakes", he said. As a result, he stated that everyone there was too busy with trying to be perfect to interact with others.

However, this past summer at a different internship, he recalled that he sent the wrong report to a valuable client. Expecting to be disciplined, he was shocked when his boss was understanding that mistakes happen, and the issue was immediately fixed. Because of the positive reinforcement from his boss, he strengthened his relationship with his boss and it made him a better and more positive employee. “The effort put in to please someone outweigh the effort being scared to make a mistake”, he said about his relationship with his boss. "If they want to increase gratitude in the workplace, it starts from leading by example", he claimed at the end. 

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HI Imran Khan ,

Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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