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Gratitude Outside from the Workplace

It might seem overlooked but the relationships outside work have a huge impact!

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Yes, it might seem silly that this IDEO challenge idea is about thinking about gratitude about inside the workplace but also outside the workplace has a huge impact with people's performance and satisfaction. Gratitude outside the workplace gives some people motivation to finish the day strong and to overlook the possible uninterested work environment. By strengthening opportunities during leisure time, workers could experience better gratitude and appreciation for work. Some ideas include a midday walk in the park, coffee and chat time, visiting therapy dogs, or office games. 

At my work place two months ago, I saw lots of gratitude and support around the lab. On Friday afternoons lab members in the collaborative lab space come together to discuss weekend plans and research stories (from the past and present) with drinks and snacks. Seeing how satisfied with full-time graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research scientists made me realize an hour of socializing after a long work week of running biochemical assays and bacterial culturing maintains everyones sanity, even if an experiment doesn't go as planned a multiple times!

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Feeling anxious or stressed and need a change of pace!

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I am a senior double majoring in biology and biopsychology at the University of Michigan.

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Hi Avery Lui ,

Great to see you continuing to share posts in the Research Phase of the Challenge! The Ideas Phase of our Challenge launches tomorrow! I am excited to see you share some of your Ideas around the topic of gratitude in the next phase of the Challenge.

I would also encourage you to look over the additional resources page we have provided! You can access that here:

Thank you for being such an incredible contributor to our OpenIDEO Gratitude Community!