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Gratitude in my life

~What gratitude means to me~

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  • Personally, gratitude means showing appreciation for other people and what they do. Showing someone that you are thankful for their actions is important in any relationship. I try to express gratitude daily by remembering to do the little things such as saying thank you when someone holds the door for me, or showing my housemates that I am thankful for their everyday contributions by buying them dinner or even just calling my parents and thanking them for everything they do for me. It makes me feel good when I remember to show gratitude because I know it makes other people feel good about themselves when I show that I am grateful and thus it makes me feel good about myself.
  • A time that I received gratitude in the workplace was in a lab I worked in last summer. We had a general policy that when someone did something well or made a significant contribution to the lab that day, we would put their name on a sticky note with a short description of what they did and why it was beneficial. At the end of the summer we took down all the post-it-notes from the wall and got to take them home as a reminder of our contributions to the lab. Although only a small gesture, it was nice to know that other people appreciated your work and made the small effort to add your name to the wall. This activity made the workplace more productive and meaningful to everyone.

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I am a student at the University of Michigan studying neuroscience.


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