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Gratitude from Another Perspective


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After thinking about the perfect person to interview, I finally decided that it would be best to interview my best friend. Upon asking how they expressed gratitude, I got blown away with a couple of scenarios where they showed their appreciation for someone. They spoke about how they feel it is absolutely necessary to show gratitude toward someone, especially when a person goes out of their way to do something extreme for them. By not doing this, it would make them feel the person thought they weren’t thankful, or that they were being ungrateful for not saying they appreciated the gesture. They also explained how giving gifts/ letters of thanks to individuals after they have done something nice or got them something nice is another way they show their appreciation.

Times when they received gratitude mostly came from the workplace. They work in a store where good customer service is required in order to sell the companies products.  The times when they receive the most gratitude is often by customers. Generally speaking, they referred to customer satisfaction as their way of receiving gratitude. They talked about how when customer satisfaction is reached, it makes them feel good as a seller. Not only this, but it also boosted their confidence and they found themselves feeling more comfortable with future customers.


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