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Gratitude found through Nonverbal Communication

Physical, including facial and vocal, gestures are important cues for expressing gratitude.

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I have worked in three labs during my time as an undergrad. During my time fall semester of 2014, I realized the work environment was very independent, quiet, and demanding at a pharmaceutical lab. Graduate students and Post-doctoral fellows hunched over at computer screens for hours without talking to one another. The principle investigator held lab meetings where he would have everyone present a powerpoint and delegated tasks with deadlines for data to be presented. There wasn't much gratitude in the workplace but it sure was a different, tedious experience that I went through for two years by staring at a computer screen for 6 hours.

I am currently working in a molecular and cellular biology lab and have found gratitude present everyday! Whether it would be awkwardly jamming out to tunes while preparing petri dishes or assisting in bacterial culturing, I have found gratitude at my job. Nonverbal communication and interaction with others plays a large role even though most people don't notice it! Dry work is boring. By using gestures, by a quick smile, goes a long way for a more friendly and happier environment around you! Just to brighten someones day by the configuration of your posture, hand gesture movements, facial movements, and eye contact can lead to gratitude and appreciation!

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Feeling anxious or stressed and need a change of pace!

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I am a senior double majoring in biology and biopsychology at the University of Michigan.


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