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Gratitude by Giving Respect at Workplace

Respectful workplace culture brings the happiness.

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Rewinding many years ago in 2002, I was in 5th Standard. I have one teacher, who always used to address every student with respect as “YOU” (plural). I was surprised for why she was calling everyone like this as we all are very very young in the age compared to her and also we are students.

One day I requested her to change the way, she addressed us with such respect, but she refused and said this is her cultural way of respecting others to get respect for herself.

Then I narrated the incident to my father as above. He advised me to respect everyone because every person always have greater abilities than you in some context. E.g. Age, Knowledge, Skills, Talent, etc.

From that day, my teacher and my father became an inspiration for me. I also started to address everyone as you (with respect).

As so many years passed, I completed my bachelor and master of engineering and got the job as an assistant professor in engineering College, as a habit I also address my students with respect. They also ask the same question, I reply them with my father's view of respect. They agree and they also start following. Now, as a cultural habit I used to give respect and receive the same from others. I am getting what I would need and feel to be Proud and Happy. This is my best ever experience with gratitude.

Respect is esteem for others and valuing their ideas, views, and contributions at the workplace. It is accepting differences and acknowledging different perspectives, even when you disagree. Respect is honoring others and treating them as you would like to be treated. It will create respectful workplace culture which bring happiness in life for employees.

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A Design Thinker and Assistant Professor in Gujarat Technological University(GTU).

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Hi Maya Joshi .

Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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