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Gratitude as a Korean American President

Korean-American presidents form around the world gather in South Korea for annual thanksgiving.

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My father, a businessman in Chicago, Illinois, has been a politician at heart. He's run for the Korean-American president of Chicago twice and has had the opportunity to serve his community. While he was in office, I remember he would take trips to South Korea alongside other Korean-American presidents all around the US. I wasn't allowed to know exactly what they discussed, but I did know that they would have dinner at the blue house (the white house of Korea) with the president for a time of thanksgiving. 

I think that is amazing. No matter how far away each person was, they were given time to reconvene and grow together. They were allowed to share their ideas on what they did for their community and how to make the Korean-American communities in the US better and more connected.

I remember how my father felt after his trips. He would be so inspired to continue the ideas of his peers and integrate them into his workplace. This is a great example of gratitude in the workplace around the world that is related to me.

What we can learn from this is that gratitude must be shown and shared in order to increase inspiration and healthy work ethics. If it's a big company, company representatives should take business trips and meet up to discuss ideas and show their gratitude toward each other. If it's a small business or workplace, there should be lunch outings or separate meetings to discuss how grateful coworkers are toward one another or a time to express the little things employees do to better the business.

Gratitude is universal. And we can learn more about how it increases positivity in the workplace by looking at other cultures.

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