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Genuine Way of Expressing Feelings

Expressing gratitude beyonds words when it is sincere and meaningful.

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The concept of gratitude becomes a highly studied phenomenon within psychology discipline. As Professor Sara Algoe proposed, expressing gratitude goes beyond just evoking positive feelings, positive perception of other or positive behaviors. She and her colleagues’ suggest that it also strengthens social bonds in their concept of “the find-remind-and-bind theory of gratitude”. For them, expressing gratitude plays three significant roles in our everyday relationships:

            A find function leads to triggering new social relationships

            A remind function leads to prompting people to existing relationships

            A bind function brings progression and investment in these relationships

However, are people really aware of these positive effects of expressing gratitude? The people I have interviewed provide some insights in different direction. For them, showing gratitude sometimes becomes a “taken for granted” action.  Some thinks that saying “thank you” is the easiest way of expressing gratitude. In fact, they admits that they are using these words numbers of times in day just as a part of professional courtesy. Similarly, when they earn gratitude from their colleague, they think that it is also a part of professional courtesy. Even, some also question the sincerity of an expressed gratitude.

All in all, such simple thing as saying thank you leads to many positive things beyond words, even though people may not be aware of it or find it meaningless. Here comes the main challenge!

             How can a firm make its employees be aware of positive effects of expressing gratitude?

            What can be the ways of showing gratitude in a more sincere and meaningful manner?


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A first-year PhD student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Deniz Camus ,

Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

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