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From One's Mind To All Minds Create | Impact | Inspire Design Thinking An Ideo's Tribute

To Build | To Create Equalities Of Gratitude as Respect All Nations | Societies United As A Global Community with your Own Creativity.

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I, Stéphanie Chong from the Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, am honored to introduce my approach. Simplistically, Innovatively, Creatively, from my own background applied to the experiences I have came across from being a Business Strategist: I, shall share my work experiences and expressions through inspired gratitude which I utilize, my acquired knowledge(s) I've distinguished knowledge(s) to be founded on the innate characteristic, ability one's mind possess yet along the learnt abilities I am today to focus intricately, charismatically, intuitively (three of the main significant innate traits of mine) on expanding such knowledgeable mind not to mean mine solely as to accentuate my purpose shall be expressed yet experienced by all minds globally.

As knowledgeable yet very distinctive, through all the exposed strategies I, as a design thinker may (with all due respect) remind us all [7.5 Billions of us] that all possible factors may be the cause (s) and the further explained consequence (s) one's mind may encounter as I take for instance mine, as I have had, still am, experiencing (both mind and soul state' levels) to be the proper  not necessarily agreed purpose | aim from us all but all backgrounds differs from an era (time refers to when), to a place (location or place within this context refers to where), to a purpose (aim, within this context purpose refers to why), to a person's mind (whom), to the specific subject (topic or subject refers to what) and the many "infinite" facets all things (W's) considered, one's mind can take (the last phase of my strategic approach is the systematic How which specifically focuses on the strategies, the decision-making to which I shall apply, on the one hand we all must feel recognition, then feel appreciation in order to inspire experiences and expressions of gratitude which is the final aim here.

Here is my approach to such tremendous challenge:

-"How might we inspire experience and expressions of gratitude in the workplace?" First, What gratitude means to me, is the adopted attitude  of respect, which renders justice of all forms, of care, of help as support to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Prior to the very five senses as human being associate seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, tasting as an abstract analysis applying each of them as an overall global matter drawn on as a painting and recognizing its significance, appreciate its many facets thus, lead to impactful thoughts, ideas, inspirations arise.

My inspirational story,

I shall share to you All

Dear Audience (s).

I must define, concretize my idea from my mind and soul to be acquired, learnt, shared, and expanded by all minds. Let's begin the implicitly and explicitly the approach with specific economic, sociological, cultural, political, environmental and technological as to systematically and vitally demonstrate my design thinking approach, I usually am a person of such intricacy, I would apply abstractive analysis through my charismatic, intuitive, creative traits, and mind as I, rather accentuate on such concretized analysis specifically to be the proof (s) and support of my reasoning, my thinking, and today's challenge, I honored to contribute as to be such of such incredible, tremendous, irresistible take-on opportunity and challenge. A global concern to each and all minds of absolute and definite discussed purpose, one's mind is to create, to design to impact, to inspire all minds open mindedly.

I strongly believe from what you or one's mind define, describe as to delineate gratitude to be, is very significant impact in today's society especially within the environment of one's career.

I am a Business Strategist, at least considered to be a qualified one, from the background factors, forces and influences of economics, politics, sociological trends, technological innovations, ecological, legislative requirements , industry analysis have allowed me to pursue such success of mine.

I've purposefully focused on my journey to be the intricate yet proper example as major component of the inspirational mind I thought to be.

How I pursued such success were once allowed by my very background as to respond toward expressing and experiencing gratitude at work one must first completely lay-out the factors that allowed me to pursue gratitude in today's world. First, I born and raised by very strategic parents, I describe strategic as being of such traditional, enthusiastic, intelligent and discrete minds, I have acquired of each of their traits innate (which is an innate trait and is part of my very own personality, significant aspect character of mine), I have learnt the dedication, the motivation, the discipline, the humility and the wisdom towards such approach I've taken prior to everything as anything I may encounter in life. Based on truthful grounds, if one's mind may express or experience gratitude, one's must receive it at first. I have longed received such grateful conditions of care, of love, as of living atmosphere, environment. Fortunate enough to acquire such gratitude throughout my childhood.  I've built as I've accepted my economic, sociological , cultural, political, technological, ecological, legislative, industrial grounds although I've not necessarily agreed to it yet. I have learnt to adapt, and be flexible from







the forces, the factors, the influences, trends, requirements, analysis always confidently believe in intuitive, powerful mind as I've always pursued Science to be at the center of all measurements, achievements, and to be an "Enormously Successful Human Enterprise".

Workplace defines our economic power as I personally mean and define the potential capital as of money you already possess, receive and spend as investment (a) to the exposed supply and demand factors of one's country wherever you were born, raised, and moved to as I fortunate enough to express, and experience gratitude by the economic power I've acquired, were able to pursue a successful education where I've come from bief Asian and European cultural backgrounds, as well to delineate as on add to the very characteristics of my personality why I have always believed parental and educational grounds to be the very most influenceable grounds as foundations acknowledging the remaining factors I shall expose further.

This is my mean to problem-solving matter:

-when (time-era)

-where (a place-location)

-why (a purpose-aim)

-whom (your own mind as your own influence and acquaintances)

-what (specific subject in matter within such contextual challenge is: gratitude within workplaces)

-how (represents and is defined by the many "infinite" facets my idea | purpose as answer, as the solution to such challenge that unable us all to diagnose the key issues, factors, forces, influences, that human's nature needs to address.

The Economic Influences have exposed I to being born and raised in the European Union, French Republic, French Polynesian country; as well as being immensely influenced by such Asian Culture from Tahiti itself not Mainland China itself, means that I absolutely and definitely adopted and familiarized myself to the organizations I've called, which affects my performance of expressing and experiencing gratitude from my 17 years of French Educational System to a private English entity I've attended in Hawaii I've been exposed to massive cross-cultural exchange concepts, methods, methodologies, approaches from the American culture (American I define the United-States of America immigrants) to the Japanese culture (the learnt history of what, why, whom, where, when, how made them such major immigrants of the islands of Hawaii), and of course logically the Hawaiian Polynesian descendants first explorer and considered to have been the very first habitants of the Islands of Hawaii. I've also been exposed to the different  Latin American, Central American or named Hispanics born or raised or both, the Asian American community and All Asian countries globally included, the African American community and all the other massive influences within such distinguished universities I've as well attended, I've acquired such experiences and expressions of gratitude. Prior to the career-workplace environment national matter which became such truthful significant incredible global international matter where competition arise, as I were raised, I've lived, traveled from the European Union to the United-States of America, to Asia, wherever my economic knowledgeable (innate and learnt empirically) abilities, skills of performance have expanded due to such distinct, different piece of mind is available from my home country, to the country, cities I've willingly acquired my double major focused as:

-Bachelor of Science, in Economics

-Bachelor of Business Administration, in International Business

Plays key components in the remaining forces, factors, trends, influences, requirements, analysis one's mind have and is willingly to adopt or not as depending on the struggles, the hardship you have endured is upon one's own ability mentally and physically to control yet predict if possibly.

My entire educational background (s) have shaped my mind and soul into believing in "A powerful mind oneself may possess to inspire gratitude oneself must train unto the infinite means as for instance I've long thought of. Regarding the Undeniably, Intriguing Idea (s) of What, Why, Where, When, Whom, and How of course being the very bases of the many variety views, forms, meanings seen as very ambiguous, it is! My life career I've longed hold and shall define , explain it through its many aspects yet facets I've exposed you all since the beginning, such Business Strategy along the Market Research, Marketing Analyses, Product Development, and Design Thinking have also shaped the ideal reasoning, the ideal thinking of what gratitude is at work and how I inspire expressions and experiences of it much more thoroughly, distinctively, and comprehensively from others whom may have had been undeniably blinded by life's routine, supposedly excused or unexcused reasons but what matters is to recognize such global matter it has been, it still is and yet to keep it further and future-wise.

Now, getting to focus on the political factors, considering its small and big effects, its own force, and influence that may affect the performance of the organization [the European Union and the United-States of America, perhaps the highest quality of life I've myself been exposed to as I've conducted two months of personal intricate research of mine living New-Zealand country (city of sails) as well besides the other three countries I've lived in, I've moved-into, and am honored to concretely share such statements to be the proofs as practical experiences, expressions one's mind get to inspire all others. How much I've been exposed to, politically, economically, sociologically, technologically, legislatively, ecologically | industrially. How much I've been exposed to politically determines how much one's is able, willingly as effectively, efficiently, conveniently to get inspired this give it away to others as a strategic mind, I pay my respect to all minds that allowed me to perform within such political circumstances and all other background factors I've specifically mentioned and increased such awareness, which attracts, appeals to have become the very significant global | international matter nowadays in order to inspire expressions and experiences gratitude in the workplaces. Allowing each and all to perform no matter the background factor (s) equally. I were freed to reasoning, to thinking, to inspiring gratitude. Covering the sociological trends, expanding on the demographic changes, the trends in the way people live, work, and think, plays such humongous in terms of quantitative analysis , yet tremendous in terms of qualitative analysis of both forces that shapes on overall factor in the ability, willingness of one's mind, soul to perform. Now, I shall perhaps lay-out all demographic aspect that makes such one factors so important. As I've implicitly and explicitly covered education level, age, sex, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, birth rate, death rate, average size of a family, all of each are parts of building, creating equalities as of properly assimilating gratitude. Societies, nations united must inspire themselves with their own creativities. A creativity that matters to me, using them all as a mean to an end, a mean to solving global matter as time invested within workplaces shapes one's historical background thus one's mind and soul in its entirety. Whether it were as past, it is as a present occupation full-time and part-time. It prepares one's mind to problem-solving challenges as this very one I've confidently decided to undertake, simplistically using my life's principles, based on what justice means to I, and must be acquired, learnt, shared, and expanded at least once by paid dignity, loyalty, unity in the form of respect, justice as equality for each and for all, care as love to family, and care as a special bond one's mind creates upon any types of relationships from any acquaintances, and help supports to the ones in need, the one that lacks, I shall upon these words I've established, built, and made such incredible foundation, to all the many distinctive and different concepts, methodologies, methods I've created with only one purpose to inspire all minds regarded as all Nations United, to represent, to define, and to expose equalities in gratitude as An International Global matter. I from all the many background factors I've myself been born from, and have grown into, acknowledging all other significant tremendous potential economic influences, sociological trends,technological innovations, ecological factors, legislative requirements, industry analysis are the hallmark to comprehend, to understand from different yet distincte point of views. I render such respect in the form of gratitude and shall support such design thinking | problem-solving ideas such as to acquire knowledge  from very specific training classes offers which are extremely suited to each of the six factors of background oneself may encounter, to learn from each and all of the many industries one's been exposed to, to share and inspire from basic concepts of what is to inspire expressions and experiences of gratitude, rendering such respect in the form of gratitude in such context and condition of workplace. So creating such training classes, and literally founding on greater financial resources to build greater foundations I mean foundations to be all six facets, conditions to be not only acquired, learnt, shared, and expanded theoretically but to be experienced and expressed through realistic, pragmatic and well designed ideas where everyone and anyone could be interfered by anyone yet learn from such interference (s) [I have always  taken such opportunities as encountering all kinds of people within workplaces allows us all to complex backgrounds | or conditions that shall must be lived by all.

One more point to cover besides all these demographic, psychographic factors which are focused on personal interests, lifestyles, associations...etc, quantitatively or qualitatively or both, the cause and effect isn't from such focus, but from such differences, such massive presence of it led us all to inequalities in plural due to all nations existence and my mean to solve such problem with the special programs all companies must design, create and put in practice as to what is to be founded:

-training classes which concerns us all from each background | conditions learnt from every employee's background (focuses on the introduction background of each employees)

-Economic influences of all nations

-Political Factors of all nations

-Sociological trends all nations experiences then share all trends so each employees is exposed to it

-Technological innovations each nations experiences so each minds and all are raising awareness of what, where, whom, why, when and how such condition have impacted one nation to all others

-Ecological factors each nations must demonstrate to be the very deepest utmost respect, indignation, justice to render if it were, it is and it will for all nations to be able to perform sustainably, respecting all environment nation-wide is every citizen on Earth number one duty to protect our own planet and our people. To assure a healthier, a happier, a better in all conditions future for now and the generations to come.

-Legislative and Industry Analysis which I combined due to such importance ones relation to the other where everything as anything that demands justice and renders it equally expose very defined laws, legislations, sanctions which must be A forced matter to all because of its differences in powers. Wherever the place I were born into, and the place I moved-into are totally different in which politically speaking a specific legislation or constitutional law won't be applied to both countries in such similar manner and mean. Such distinctiveness must be comprehended, understood and then acquired, learnt, shared and expanded from such instance;

To Build

To Create

Equalit(ies) Of Gratitude


                   Of Respect

All Nations | All Societies

United | As A Global Community

With your Own Creativity

From One's Mind

To All Minds

Create | Impact | Inspire

Design Thinking

Ideo's Tribute

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

To Believe In Creative Thinking In Design Thinking Impacting By Inspiring

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Photo of Lauren Ito

Hi Stéphanie Chong ,

Excited to see you sharing about this important topic! We are now in the Ideas Phase of the Challenge. Would you repost this concept as an Idea post in the active Ideas Phase?

The link to the Ideas Phase is here:

Super excited to see the community provide feedback on your post as the Challenge continues!

Photo of Stéphanie Acosta

Good Afternoon Dear Lauren,
is there a possibly way mean to problem-solving this? I absolutely tremendously worked on my refinement phase for a very while and weren’t able to be in the final phase would you allow or be willing to review my valuable insights yet i did conceptualized a mobile application | mobile platform regarding such challenge. Please confirm and email me as soon as possible! My utmost respect and sincere regards

Photo of Lauren Ito

Hi Stéphanie Chong I'm not sure what your specific question is. Can you please rephrase?

Excited to learn more!

Photo of Stéphanie Acosta

Thank you so much Dear Lauren
for your most valuable time and incredible support. I meant to actually asked you if and only if it were possible to find such way (s) to be actual part of the “Refinement Phase”? Although i had to be selected to be at such potential and level (s) i yet still shall be able to ask you such favor if it is only of course and systematically i thought of contributing and submitting to the idea phase of the “Early Childhood Innovation Prize” combining my knowledge, skills and creative inspirational mindset I’ve longed valued and pridefully acquired, learnt, shared, exposed, expand on continuously within such strategic thinking.

Photo of Lauren Ito

Hi Stéphanie Chong ,

I encourage you to submit your concept to other challenges if they align with the Challenge Brief! Thank you so much for channeling your creativity, skills, and passion into the Gratitude at Work Challenge.

Photo of Lauren Ito

Hi Stéphanie Chong ,

I encourage you to submit your concept to other challenges if they align with the Challenge Brief! Thank you so much for channeling your creativity, skills, and passion into the Gratitude at Work Challenge.

Photo of Stéphanie Acosta

I shall enable myself to reinforce my knowledge and skills yet expose it by sharing my prototype...please email me I’m unable to post for the refinement phase

Photo of OpenIDEO

Hi Stéphanie Chong ,

Great to see you sharing your provocations around this topic and bringing your voice to the Gratitude Challenge Community!

From the insights shared in your post, we think it may be particularly interesting to for you to attend our Gratitude in the Workplace Webinar with University of Washington positive organizational leadership expert, Ryan Fehr tomorrow, Oct 13 @ 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. He’ll be discussing recommendations for designing Ideas for this topic.

You can register for the webinar here

We hope to see you there!