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Example of Gratitude in a Healthcare Setting

Gratitude can be expressed in a workplace no matter how big or small.

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The person I interviewed, Jonah, works as a disability healthcare aid on a college campus. When I asked Jonah how he has been shown gratitude in his workplace setting, he told me that there was one specific example he had in mind. Jonah’s work shift is normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-10pm. The college student he helps has football tickets for Saturdays though, and loves going to the games. The problem is that the worker who is scheduled on Saturdays does not have football tickets so because of this, the student wouldn’t be able to go to the games. Jonah decided this wasn’t fair and told the student he would take him to some of the football games in his free time so he can still go and have fun. The parents of the students with a disability were very thankful of Jonah and showed their gratitude towards him for this act by writing him thank you cards and giving him a gift card.

I also asked Jonah if he ever showed gratitude during his job, and if so, how. He told me that there are some weeks where he has a lot of homework or studying to do, as he is a student as well. If he needs time off he will ask the other student workers if they can cover his shift. If they say yes, he shows gratitude by thanking them and offering to take their normal shift in return. Even though this specific situation shows a small example of a work place, it exemplifies that gratitude can be shown anywhere no matter how big the business or organization is.

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