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Demonstration of Gratitude Around the World

By looking at examples of gratitude around us, we can work toward improving the workforce.

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An example of successful gratitude I've come across is exemplified through the environment set up at hospitals. Individuals with a wide range of occupations apply their knowledge and qualifications in such a setting. Gratitude is seen in a number of ways such as when patients appreciate the care of their doctors, nurses, and volunteers and when doctors acknowledge the hard work of nurses while nurses express their appreciation toward the doctors who lead them. Here, not only is gratitude expressed, but it is expressed in such a way that strengthens the connection between the large team that constitutes those who work at the hospital.

The accomplishments of organizations such as Google and Apple can contribute to recent demonstrations of gratitude. As noted by Vozza (2017), one thing that helps with the success of these companies is the method of leadership. The leaders at such organizations are known to inspire their employees to do even more. This inspiration can be viewed as an act of gratitude in the way where it seems that leaders of these companies acknowledge and distinctly appreciate the work of the employees so that they are encouraged to be even more successful. Learning about accomplishments like those of Apple and Google can serve as an example of individuals feeling unified through gratitude and therefore motivate other workplaces to do the same.  


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I am a senior at the University of Michigan.

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