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Circle of Gratitude

The feeling of appreciation for your efforts are always pleasant.

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What is gratitude to you?

Being grateful for all the things you  have recieved in life. Because other people don't have the same things. Sense of humbleness because everybody doesn't have what you have.

How have you expressed gratitude?

Daily actions- attending class, some people can't attend class. Bigger scale- Donated all the proceeds to hurricane.

Someone expressed gratitude to you?

Mentees being thankful to Peer Mentor and acknowledging " Thanks for taking the time to meet with me"

How does it feel when someone expressed gratitude?

Makes heart warm, because you don't know the impact of what you do until someone shares. People should express gratitude more often, because it's a positive experience all around. 

Can you tell if a thank you is insincere?

Don't be fake- if someone impacts you acknowledge it and express it to them. False standards can lead to a downward slide, because people will continue on

To an extent, you can tell if the thank you is sincerity, but you never know for sure.

Expectations of gratitude, principals " Sneeze- bless you" Expect to say thank you. 

Other ways to express gratitude: Levels. Base gratitude- Say thank you

Other forms:

Insightful talk- leads to follow up email of impact

Going extra mile.

Highest level of gratitude- Philanthropy received scholarships, plan to give back by making own scholarship. Giving back- humble. Not forgetting who helped you, and helping someone else. 

Motto- "We have to lift as we climb"

As you progress out your life it's important to look back and help those some path, just as you've been help. 

More acknowledgement. More people say thank you then people don't. 

He feels he's not appreciated as he should be, everyone should be entitled to appreciation. Gratitude Awareness- people do express it when they don't mean it- and that should stop. People don't express gratitude on a greater level. "When it's real you know as you go up the 

"The how" adds more impact to thank you. I.e. I appreciate you because....

Positive association when gratitude is expressed, and negative when omitted.

When you express gratitude it makes you feel better, and the other person. So why not continue the circle of gratitude.  

Interviewee: Ka'Marr 

University of Michigan - Ross of School of Business '18

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

When you express gratitude it makes you feel better, and the other person. So why not continue the circle of gratitude.

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