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belongship is the new leadership!

The gratitude gap can be bridged in workplaces where the teams are the new heroes thanks to a new leadership model called belongship!

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This gratitude shortage in the workplace is the result of 3 main pains that are inherent to the very organisational structure humanity had created in the past century, that simply don't fit our current reality.

1. purposeless rigid organizational design and as a consequence purposeless work: 

  • lack of ownership & engagement from employees.
  • people are not empowered to change things on their own, act on the tensions around them. Nothing helps them maintain the level of inner passion that feeds gratitude in human beings.
  • excessive escalation of decisions and micro-management, multiple layers and low spans of control, instead of giving them autonomy in decision making, especially to better perform their own function

==> people wonder why they do what they do. Naturally, gratitude vanishes away in each of us...

2. Individualism still pays off: 

  • people do things for political reasons more than for the good of the business. Teams work in silo and have a tendency to promote their own agenda rather than considering the wider perspective on the whole organization. 
  • the focus is clearly on individual successes and interests. High dependency on management and avoidance of conflict to secure promotion
  • some efforts result in being seen as hypocrite because eventually, grow the business is the only gauge of success. 
  • executives and managers are paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision and losing their status
  • the results (the WHAT we do) is more important than the HOW we do & be.

==> Unfortunately, there is no incentive for anyone to be grateful

3. So much resources wasted:

  • Precious resources are wasted in countless attempts of unsuccessful reorganisations.
  • people are overloaded with useless meetings with unclear rules and protocols to keep them productive
  • lack of prioritization: all projects pushed as top priority
  • teams and managers are overwhelmed by day-to-day pressure. No one has a chance to step back to see the human and business picture. 

==> why bother to be grateful for structures that anyway destroy all possibilities to improve things?

Gratitude is present in workplaces which adopt belongship practices. 

Belongship describes a state of consciousness that connects the individual and the collective, from which emerges that core sense of identity within a team, where the whole is actually bigger than the parts. 

Belongship is that inner balancing act between interconnection and self-authority, which results in consciously and intentionally letting solutions emerge, in order to reconcile the tensions between the structure and the people. 

In other words, belongship is the collective and responsive expression of leadership, owned by each member, whose individual purpose allows each part to grow and thrive, to then interweave and align around the sustainable growth of the organisation.

The belongship skillset combines innovative facilitation skills, with a series of tools and protocols inspired by native North American tribes, the Israeli Kibbutz, Systemic Coaching skills and Quantum Physics. We cross-checked the work of many other recent practices, such as the Agile Software Development, Lean Startup, Google's culture, Reinventing Organizations, Exponential Organizations, Holacracy, Sociocracy, The Fifth Discipline, Teaming. All these sources converge towards the same practices. That make us hopeful that we are on the good direction to a solution to bridge the gratitude gap... 


Belongship helps teams to step back and devote time to define the "how" they want to work together. It gives them the necessary tools to amend that "how", on the go. 

We teach team to see what we call the "3rd entity" in systemic coaching: we help people see what is happening "here and now", and then, express their needs in an authentic yet constructive way. We legitimize the expression of tensions and equip people to address them so everyone is response-able for their own needs and the success of the whole group. Everyone can impact the very present moment. We don't better natural access better access to gratitude than overcoming a tension collectively. The feeling to be acknowledged and see the result of your contribution is bliss. 

By implementing those practices, people are naturally pushed over their behavioral edges and become aware of them on the job, not only during the traditional "off site/team building/leadership development training". Hence, people close a nice developmental loop at the same time of fixing the business issues. This is how gratitude can be restored in our workplaces!

Belongship gives life to the organisational structure itself by promoting this mindset.

We have a free assessment on our website, where anyone can test the level of belongship of their organisation. It is a prototype, based on 10 questions that seem to impact most the gratitude level. 

Our dream is to create a Belongship Index that would assess the implementation level of these practices in organizations. When it becomes measurable, people can track their progress at it. If not, people don't value it. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Leadership is dead. We need a collective version of leadership that should be called belongship! The book "stealing fire" describes that state of collective flow where gratitude is the norm.

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We are a virtual consulting boutique readying organizations and leaders for the XXIst century. Our mission is to revive the sense of working together, today, so people are aware, intentional and grateful. We have created an on-line assessment where participants can test their organisation


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