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A grateful patient builds a platform for healthcare workers to receive and share authentic gratitude

We built the first ever online system for patients to share authentic gratitude directly with nurses and other caregivers

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The video shows how a grateful patient uses DohJe to express her gratitude to her labor and delivery nurse after she got home from the hospital. That gratitude then inspired a ripple effect of positivity where that nurse sent DohJe notes to her teammates. 

I was a patient who felt compelled to share my gratitude with the nurse who helped me through a difficult situation, but it was ridiculously difficult to track her down after I left the hospital. I could provide positive feedback to the hospital through surveys or paper cards, but I would never know if my gratitude was received. 

There needed to be an easy way to share authentic gratitude with the people who helped me. So, I started a company with a co-worker from a previous startup and former bandmate.  

Before deciding to build an online platform for gratitude in healthcare, we researched existing approaches for recognition and found four key things:

  1. Healthcare workers have a lot of gratitude for each other, but they too needed an easier way to share it with each other. 
  2. Nurses and grateful patients do not need gamification to share gratitude in healthcare. They are genuinely grateful. It just needs to be easy because people are busy. 
  3. Healthcare consultants like the Studer Group have been educating healthcare leaders on the benefits of real-time peer to peer gratitude, but they use paper cards. Paper cards are hard to keep track of and not very private.
  4. Secure patient portals are fine for discussing care, but they are cumbersome for expressing gratitude and do not allow you to thank all the extraordinary people who help you along the way.

DohJe's recognition platform provides the best way for patients to directly thank their healthcare heroes and for caregivers to thank each other from any phone, tablet or computer.  With burnout being such a prevalent concern, DohJe provides a simple mechanism for helping employees feel appreciated.  

After experimenting with our gratitude platform at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Group, and Delta County Memorial Hospital, we've been blown away to see how many healthcare workers use it to share coworker gratitude.  Gratitude from patients means a lot, but we've seen that coworker gratitude is incredibly powerful in combatting burnout and raising morale for a group of workers that are taking care of all of us. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

There are many ways to express gratitude. I first experienced the power of authentic gratitude when I was the drummer on tour with the band seen in this photo. The fans at a show with their hands in the air, smiling, dancing, and jumping up and down, made me feel so appreciated for the work I was doing / music we were creating. I did not make very much money, and I never won any awards, but I felt appreciated, and that kept me going!

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I was a patient who felt compelled to share my gratitude with my nurse, but it was ridiculously difficult to track her down after I left the hospital. I asked a former co-worker from a tech startup and a former band mate to help me build an authentic gratitude platform for healthcare workers.


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Hi Amanda Krantz ,

I really love that this concept addresses an immediate, specific need for the healthcare space. We are now in the Ideas Phase of the Challenge. Would you repost this concept as an Idea post in the active Ideas Phase?

The link to the Ideas Phase is here:

You can email me at with questions about the challenge!

Super excited to see the community provide feedback on your post as the Challenge continues!

Photo of Amanda Krantz

Thanks, Lauren! OK, I'll repost in the active Idea Phase.

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