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A bag of chocolates and a charger

I helped a professor by lending them my laptop charger and it was the first time that a professor showed me signs of gratitude.

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As a working college student, many people kind of take us for advantage. Especially when you attend a major university and work for their IT department. My position for the department I work for is that I support teachers and students in their classroom spaces. Many times, I would go into the room push the button that most people miss and I save the day. As I fix the issue in the classroom, which can be as easy as pushing a button to literally rewiring a projection system, when I’m done I am expected to quietly leave the room and I typically don’t receive a thank you or any type of acknowledgment from professors with whom I just helped. However, this is not one of those days or stories of mine (trust me I have plenty). One day I was working an early morning shift which requires that I go to classrooms can check the computers that were turned off. When I got back I was working on the reports for the morning and a professor runs in the room. She was working on the last of the edits of her research paper when her computer died. One of the services that we provide is that we loan out equipment such as laptops, however, Mac laptops are a special case for us. Most of the time, professors and students alike have the newer Mac laptops and our department had the older versions. Which means that the professor would have to find someone with a new Mac and ask to borrow their charger. It just so happens that I have a newer Mac and that I was working until late in the afternoon. I asked if it was ok if I could lend my charger to the professor and I received permission to do, however, it was my responsibility if anything happened to my charger. So, I lent the charger to the professor who was beyond grateful. Hours, minutes and seconds past and it’s about 30 minutes before my shift ends and the professor comes back with a huge bag of chocolates and my charger. This was the beginning signs of gratitude that professors started showing me when I was working with them.  


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