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Integrated fisheries, paddy and poultry farming

Hard work is the key to success.

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During the validation period, the cultivation of the method was not successful. I worked hard and took a small salary. 300 km away, the only place to go is for the sake of servants. There I found that many families are living happily ever after by cultivating fish. I gained knowledge about technology. I decided not to let the other family members work anywhere else for a small salary. The project auctioned off the frustrations of life. Now he is in the hands of 80% of the rural population in the area over technology. The poverty of all the poor people in the village is eradicated. At the same time, the nutritional needs of large sections of the population are met. By 2050, the production of agricultural commodities will meet the needs of nutrition and the people of the country will become high income countries.

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Please share some information via my email on how to make these fisheries sustainable particularly for farmers who are not primarily inclined with fishing but have access to such resources