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A little gratitude goes a long way!

Working to ensure that gratitude is expressed throughout the workplace everyday.

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There's so much literature and research to support the fact that oftentimes when people leave their jobs it's because they don't feel appreciated. That expressing gratitude increases productivity and leaves people feeling fulfilled and happy when they're appreciated. Consistently engaging employees to be grateful could become a practice that goes without saying as they go about their very busy day. If they knew what it could do to positively impact someone's day or how it could change someone's perception, then everyone would jump on the gratitude bandwagon.  One way to express gratefulness in the workplace, would be to issue a grateful ticket. Like a parking ticket except you're being ticketed for having done something which caused someone to feel appreciated.  From helping out without being asked, to going above and beyond during training or orientation to help a new person. Whatever the deed you get ticketed for it. The original ticket goes to the employee, a copy goes to their boss. This way even unintended works of appreciation gets noted by the person to whom that employee reports. 

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