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You Count Interactive Lamp

An interactive lamp that inspires hospital staff to show appreciation towards each other.

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The You Count Interactive Lamp is a classically distilled cube design that provides a platform to facilitate exchanges of gratitude in the medical workplace.

Amid the constant crush of caregiving, hospital workers face daunting days filled with thankless duty. The You Count Interactive Lamp acts as a gentle and playful reminder to thank colleagues for their hard work. The bright colors and basic design of the You Count Lamp make it a neutral and appealing addition to any hospital break room/atrium. The lamp is accompanied by an easy-to-use interactive platform, which works with any touch-enabled device. This simple interface allows workers to quickly craft and sends messages of thanks to their colleagues. In the busy backdrop of a hospital, the break room is a place where hospital staff come together to regroup and unwind. The subtly glowing presence of the You Count lamp will serve as an uplifting well of gratitude and goodwill. This, in turn, will promote productivity and deeper job satisfaction, affecting positive change in the workplace and beyond.

Idea Title

You Count - Inspire Mindfulness

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

As a lamp illuminates its immediate surroundings, the You Count lamp will brighten lives and lift spirits. This ignites a ripple effect fostering a supportive environment where everyone is acknowledged and inspired to get and give thanks.

Who are you innovating for?

We are innovating for the hospital staff that interacts with patients daily. This includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, medical students, and interns.

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

The You Count Lamp is designed for one of the most intense work arenas around – a hospital. This product can be flexibly used for any size hospital or medical facility.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

The idea will be implemented through the form of an interactive lamp in the break room of the hospital, where the staff spends the majority of its free time. The administration would be responsible for implementing the product/program. The plug and play nature of the lamp ensures smooth implementation and minimal supervision. A technical support staff member will set up the hospital account and add members to the You Count directory.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

The obstacles that need to be tackled would be the initial apprehension that some may have towards expressing themselves openly to others who they may be unsure or unfamiliar with. The initial financial investment may be prohibitive to some. These obstacles can be overcome through welcoming demonstrations that will clearly highlight the advantages and positive effects of You Count on productivity and overall work environment.

How will you test and prototype your solution?

The You Count Lamp will be prototyped and tested in local medical settings. The effectiveness will be measured in terms of the happiness quotient of the employees and the overall increase in productivity of the workspace. Employee feedback will be gathered and implemented to improve the interactivity and detail of the digital platform.

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

The next steps will involve giving shape to the idea by building a functional prototype and starting the testing phase. The grant will allow us to develop the prototype of the lamp, and work with developers to build the interactive platform. The opportunity to work with mentoring organizations will help us enhance and deepen the user experience and power of the You Count product.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

The idea emerged from a graduate student team collaboration, as part of the Graphic Design MFA Studio. Our team was interested to specifically target and serve a workplace that presents many challenges/obstacles to expressing gratitude, and one where an especially deserving worker population seemed underappreciated.

Tell us about yourself

Maryland Institute College of Art, First-year Graphic Design MFA Candidates: Khadija Aziz, Pawas Bajaj, Sumangla Bishnoi

Where are you / your team located?

Baltimore, MD

Tell us about your experience

Khadija Aziz - B.A. in Graphic Design from Loyola in New Orleans; Formerly was an in-house designer at Deynoodt Marketing. Pawas Bajaj - B.Tech in Computer Science; past experiences in the social development sector in marketing, business development and financial management, worked as a freelance graphic designer in India. Sumangla Bishnoi - B.Des in Fashion Comm. from NIFT, India, worked as a graphic designer in a branding firm, experience in visual merchandising, photography and styling

Please describe, in detail, how you will test and get feedback on your concept.

Please describe specifically how you plan to scale your idea. What are the key next steps you will take, and how will those steps inform the evolution and growth of your concept?

Right now, we are in the initial phase of prototyping and testing. The next steps involve creating a high fidelity prototype and rigorously testing it in a hospital environment. That would require finalising the hardware and technology that will be used to make the final product. Multiple specimens of the lamp using different material and technology will be tested to ensure maximum responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of the final product. The feedback from the final testing phase will be incorporated into the product development. The final You Count Interactive Lamp will pilot in the local hospitals, before its official launch in the market. For the next phase which deals with the implementation of the product, a marketing strategy will be devised to accentuate the unique story arc and the experience that is delivered by the product. A detailed business model to support the operations of the product would ensure smooth and successful implementation. The next phase involves adapting the lamp for other workplaces, but that will take place after the successful implementation of the You Count Lamp in a hospital workplace.

As we have seen in the Challenge, there is a tension between authentic expressions of gratitude and mandatory gratitude. How does your idea inspire truly authentic expressions of gratitude versus mandated ones?

The You Count Lamp is based on one crucial psychological phenomenon, mindfulness. Rather than imposing gratitude over the workers, the lamp acts as a gentle reminder to be more appreciative of each others’ work. It functions by building a sense community within the workspace, promoting the exchanges of gratitude and goodwill among colleagues. The interactive app comes bundled with the main product provides a platform to communicate authentic acts of gratitude via personalised messages.

Gratitude often thrives when opportunities for connection are created. How will your concept create new opportunities for human connection?

The placement of the You Count Interactive Lamp is crucial to get the desired outcomes in the workplace. The break room/atrium of a hospital is the place where the hospital staff come together to unwind making it the most opportune area to build new connections. This makes the act of gratitude a communal activity rather than an individualized one. This also promotes the sense of accountability to encourage others to participate in the exchanges of gratitude.

Who (specifically) will benefit from your concept, and how they will interact with it? What design considerations have you included to ensure easy and intuitive interactions? 

The You Count Interactive Lamp is targeted at benefiting the hospital staff that interacts with patients daily. This includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, medical students, and interns. The lamp will be placed in the break room of the hospital, where the staff spends the majority of its free time. There are two ways the hospital staff will interact with the lamp: 1.The lamp acts as a gentle reminder to thank colleagues for their hard work. The bright colours, basic design and playful text animations of the You Count Lamp make it an engaging addition to any hospital break room reducing the barrier to entry. 2.The lamp is accompanied by an easy-to-use app which works with any touch-enabled device. This simple interface allows workers to quickly craft and send personalised messages of thanks to their colleagues The presence of the lamp will inspire mindfulness in the workplace. This will eventually increase the productivity and job satisfaction.

Please describe how you intend to use the prize funding, if selected as a Top Idea. Be specific.

If selected as a Top Idea, the prize funding will be used for the following: 1. Build a high fidelity prototype of the lamp, using the actual technology that will be implemented in the final product 2. Develop the You Count app for a phone/tablet 3. Test the You Count lamp in various local hospitals 4. After a successful testing phase, incorporate all necessary changes into the final product 5. Devise a marketing strategy to launch the product


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